sydney unicyclists...

  • > Julian
  • > p.s. I am moving to Sydney soon. Are there any Sydney-siders on the
  • > list?
  • >
  • We have a group of three or four keen unicyclists in Sydney that
  • usually meet at Wenesday nights juggling at St Stephens hall in
  • Newtown. We also meet in Hyde park on Sunday nights twice a month.
  • I am currently trying to get a Unicyle hocky game going, so when
  • you come to Sydney you might like to join in.
  • Any other Unicyclists in Sydney reading this group ?. Hello. I am not from
    Sydney, but I travel there regularly. Hopefully the wednesday after next I
    will be there. I try and make it to the St Stephens Hall when I am there. Does
    Julie still organise it? sigh

See you guys soon (if Julian doesn’t go off to Vancouver :slight_smile: for a game
of hockey…


Scott HOne