sydney street weekend. summary

hey y’all

we just finished our 5 days of riding and im sore as hell.
we got tons of great footage, and everyone landed at least 1 or 2 new tricks.

the highlights:

rhys won the unicycle by driving his car onto the park and sticking a huge gap from the roof into a quarter.

mark lavis learnt round handrails
pete marchant learned to grind ledges
liam, gilbert and rhys learnt 360unispins.
matty and dan landed outflips
my 6 trick combo as well as doubles on flat and double backs to fakie
our 4 man team combo

im thinking about posting a video but for now ive just got pics from video

alex’s street weekend gallery

oh yeah thanks to everyone who came for a ride


i would have to say that sounded excellent

thats a sweet shot

sounds like you guys had a sweet ride. I wish i could have gone…

Do you plan to do it again next year?

Sounds like you had a great weekend, If you have one again next year, i hope to be able to come up.


Sounds like you had an awsome time, wish i could have been there. Thats a crazy gap! Good work with all ther new tricks. I’m so close to outflips. You should do it again next year, maybe before or after uninats? Or in melbourne haha.

I’m really jealous, that looked like alot of fun. I should organize one here unfortunatly there generaly isn’t enough room at the skatepark for a large group of unicyclists and it doesn’t seem like many other unicyclists enjoy riding at parks. I go there pretty much every day I ride but normaly it is alone.

How busy is the park you were at normaly?

It looked pretty quiet apart from you guys.

By the way the pictures. Phenomenal, I especialy liked the grind pics, and that car gap.

I’ve just posted up a vid that me and Tomsey chucked together, enjoy!

awesome vid! loved the camera work… i didnt know australian riders were so advanced in their riding… keep it up

pure class there, i really wanna try the car gap myself tho :frowning: nobody will give me a free unicycle for it. lol

Looks like the australians are really advancing unicycling, the vid was amazing! Wish there were more riders nearer to me.

Rock on!

heres another remix

another video

Decent man, really nice. Nice dubflips.

I got rid of that previous vid coz the widescreen sucked.

Here it is again in 4:3

Looks awsome!

I wish there were more street weekends… or at least more uni events.

Holy crap, that was some nice riding. Are you the first to land the double backflip?