Sydney street rider from back in the day :)

Hey Guys,

My names Matt and I’m from beautiful Sydney, Australia!

I use to ride street almost a decade ago with a lot of the Sydney lads and sadly stopped when life got busy.

Happy to say that I’m back riding and loving it!

If anyone here rides street in the Sydney area feel free to let me know as I’m looking for people to ride with :slight_smile:

I also just started up a new YouTube channel to start posting videos to again (got locked out of my old one) So I hope to share some videos with you guys here and there :slight_smile:

It’s good to be back!



Nice to meet you Matt! I’m also a Sydneysider and coincidently also just started a youtube channel.

Link here:

I am not a street rider, but I do like to ride to go places, happy to do distance rides, play some uni hockey and do easier muni.

If you do facebook, can I suggest you join this group I have linked below. It’s the closest to an Australian Unicyclists group we have. I want us to have a Uninats in 2021.

Cool! I’m curious to see your videos!
You might be able to get access to your old account (pre-2011) again if you still know the login credentials.
I had the same with an account of mine and I managed to link it to my current account (and have 2 accounts on 1 email address now).

Hey Gockie!

Great to meet another Sydney rider :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your channel, I subbed! Super impressive!

I actually got rid of facebook a while ago, maybe should have kept it haha.

A 2021 Uninats would be great, haven’t been to one in ages!

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Hey Mark!

Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I remember my details to log into my old YT account but because I hadn’t logged in in ages it wants to verify that it’s me by sending a code to my phone. Problem is that it has my old phone number which I got rid of ages ago so I’m out of luck it seems. I’ve tried a few things.

Feel free to check out my old channel:

This is the new channel which I’ll be posting some old videos first and then new videos to follow!

This was wat helped me get back into it:

I signed in with a YouTube username - YouTube Help.

I gave it a go but no luck sadly. I’m alright with starting a new channel though, the old one wasn’t big or anything. I’ll just be reuploading my old videos to my new channel first :slight_smile:

That should work too :wink: - Oh well, it was worth the try…

Do you have instagram as well? I hardly do anything with youtube…

I have an insta but nothing with unicycling on it as of yet. My main insta is themattyap :slight_smile: I’ll be looking at getting one just for riding though!

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The man, the legend! Cool to know you’re still riding. I’m sure everybody that was around back when you were remembers your 720 unispin, on metal pedals, to seat in.

I was mainly in Australia between Sydney and Melbourne in the past 2 years but since pandemic hit I’m back in Canada now :frowning:

The forums died when Facebook became more mainstream, it’s seeing a resurgence right now, but Instagram is where its at for Urban Unicycling at the moment, so you basically have to find who to follow if you to see some good content. Otherwise there is “Urban Unicycle Chat” on Facebook;

Welcome back

EDIT: For anyone who doesn’t know, Matty was one of the first person to land a 720, here’s the clip


Cool, will take a look. Mine is mark.vogels

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