Sydney Spring Cycle - this Sunday

Hi folks,

any Sydney-siders riding in the Sydney Spring Cycle?

I intend to pedal off on my 29" from North Sydney
at 7:00 am.

unless it rains before then, enjoy all the red dust.

I thought in the afternoon it was meant to be gone?

Hi folks,

A dust-free day thankfully, a bit windy, but plenty of fun.

I finished the 40k course in 4 hours 15 minutes including an apple break.

I think I spotted Geoff/nexty wheeling his 36" to the train station,
& ran into a group of 3 who’d ridden the 14km course, two of them on 20"s!

Also saw a bit of the trials demo… in clown outfits?!!

Is that a reference to 1984 I see in your signature?

Yup. Something about truth & politics :wink:

Dust to dust

Nothing to do with unicycling.
We have had wierd weather in Vic like rain, wind and snow but nothing like that dust (and I have seen some big dust storms).

Any takers for a ride from Beechworth to Bright in late November or first week in December on the Rail Trail?

I will ask the same Q on UDCA


I rode it too! I was on a 36" KH and started at 7am from North Sydney. Finished around 9:30am. Very cool ride and my first ever bike event!

Dangerleaf we should organize a group ride at Manly sometime. I try and go there once a week but usually it’s early morning during the week, as I work afternoons and on the weekeends but might be able to change it for a ride someday…

Daylight saving is not far away, I’d be up for something on a weeknight then.

I’ve been thinking of riding the Oaks firetrail in the mountains sometime,
I know Geoff has done it, maybe we can get a group up for it?
It’d have to be a weekend for me though.


Sounds like a plan! I’ll be gone the whole month of November and pretty much December so maybe sometime in October…