Sydney Ride - sunday 11th Jan

Hey all Sydney siders, theres a big ride going down this upcomming sunday starting at martin place in the city. no matter what your skill, come along, should be a great day. hope to see you all there! Any questions just send me a pm.

Matty p.

Make a vid!

scrap that date, its on saturday now it 9.30am, same place. be there.

make a vid ay? :wink:

I was there, didn’t see anybody :0

I met James @ Cirular Quay & watched his show though…
impressive custom 12 foot giraffe.

Anyone interested in an after work MUni around Manly Dam during the week?

I get to Manly at 5:30pm & can give a couple of people a lift from the ferry if they need one.

Nice meeting you today! Would love to do a Manly Dam some night towards the end of the week, or sometime next week (anyday but Thurs). Let me know what day this week or next week works for people…’

Is the Sunday ride still on?! I’m planning on it if others are…

I’m up for Manly Dam just tell me when and I’ll be there:)

I would have come and brought people but have been at a friends holday house and only flown in from grafton today.

OK, afterwork Manly Dam ride.

Wednesday or Friday.

I normally MUni the final Downhill leg with two technical sections,
starting at Monserra Rd… opposite Jennifer Ave, Allambie.
but any input is welcome.

I could pick up two riders with my Van from the ferry after 5:30pm…
anyone else could meet us there around 6:00pm

OK, let’s plan for this Friday to meet at 6pm. We’ll be driving so I’ll meet you at that spot. If you could PM me your number just in case something comes up or I can’t find you. If anyone has a spare MUni I could use that’d be great, otherwise I’ll just use my trials. I’d like to do the full loop if we have enough sunlight but that section I’m sure would be a blast just by itself…

I’m good for Friday,if we were riding a more open trail I would have ridden my 36 and unicycle6869 could have had my 24 but Manly Dam is mostly too tight and technical for a 36 so I’ll be on my 24,sorry about that.If it’s not too hot and we have time I wouldn’t mind doing the loop.

Sounds like 4 attending so far :slight_smile:

I’ve got my Nimbus 29" as well as my 24"… I might need the 29" to keep up :slight_smile:

If we’re doing the loop, I normally start at the school.
See ya’ll there, Friday 18:00.


OK, sounds good. Let’s try doing the whole loop if we can. I will just use my 20" if no one has an extra one. About how long will it take to do the whole loop? So just so it’s clear right now we are meeting at the school at 6:00pm to do the whole loop, right?!

I’ll have both my 29" & 24", although the 29" has a road tyre…
you’re welcome to use either.

I’ll be there guys.

Thanks ya’ll for the great ride! It was awesome and SO nice to get back on the trails again and meeting everyone. Hopefully we can arrange one more ride before the 28th. Either there or in the Blue Mountains or somewhere… The afterward pizza and hanging out was almost as much fun as the ride!!! Wish my camera was working though…

Manly Dam 16-1-09

No snakes,spiders,koalas or kangaroos but good fun.I reckon I can make up the numbers if another rides is on.

A few low res photos from my phone.

Manly Dam ride

Looked like a great ride.

I just logged in for the first time today. I saw this thread on friday and was going to see if I could come along. I turned up at Manly Dam, but got the time wrong and missed you (6pm not 4pm).

Oh well, if you do another one I’d love to come along.

After 2 days of fighting with youtube, I’ve gone to Vimeo:

Awesome video! Thanks for putting it together and posting it!!!

Good video :slight_smile: