Sydney or Perth?

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums.

Wondering if anyone here’s from either Perth or Sydney, as my family’s here visiting Australia for the next few weeks. Wondering if perhaps my brother and I could meet a few unicyclists down here, although neither of us brought our wheels on the plane.

Just send me a PM or whatnot.

I from Toronto Lake Macquarie NSW Australia. Love to meet you one day Mate. I’ll try to send you the PM when I get the chance onefluffybunny. (Sorry I don’t know your real name) Just check your PM’s when you get the chance from me.



I don’t live in Sydney but i only live 2 hrs away, in Bathurst. well thats probably of no help but anyway,

If you’d asked this in a few months then I’d have been in Perth, WA. I’m leaving the sun scorched desert of Scotland for the mist covered hills of Australia. No hang on, there’s something not right there :thinking:

Have (geographically confused) fun!


On holiday? Or are you off to find your destiny in exotic foreign parts?


Yes, I’m off to live there. I’m due to become a dad in the new year (no, please don’t say that means I have to grow up!) and our small Edinburgh flat isn’t the ideal place to start a family. My wife is from Perth and we’ve talked about moving there for years and now seemed the perfect time. For the price of my flat I could get a 5 bedroom house in quite a nice area of Perth, no contest really! All I need to do is survive living with the in-laws until our house is built:(

Have (antipodean) fun!


Try here:

Also, if you go to the Australian Unicycle Society site and look in the State Reps. page you may be able to find a club in Sydney or Perth.

Good luck,

Welcome to Australia Graeme. Hope you will love it here in our Country. That is in a few months time. We hope you will love it here. :slight_smile: