Sydney: Mountain/XC Unicycling

In preperation for Cycle Epic I will be doing runs of Sydney’s known and legal MTB trails. At last count there are approx thirty-four trails and most of which have never been ridden by Unicycle?

As an added personal challenge to keep training interesting - I am going to attempt to ride all 34 trails by the end of the August; after each ride I will be doing a post trip write-up.

The trails have been documented by a Sydney MTB association using Google Earth and can be viewed by importing the following file:

First on the agenda was Manly Dam which is a 9.6km loop (+260m/-260m) of some very technical fire trail and single track:

Today I completed the dam on a KH29” w/150mm cranks and hope to be heading down there again tomorrow (Sunday 4th May) to try it again on a 24” wheel w/150mm cranks as there were certain juicy sections which I just could not do with the larger wheel.

If anyone in Sydney wants to tag along and join me, there invite is there –I have a spare Muni which can be loaned for the day. I have some work commitments early in the morning and so it would be a late afternoon/dusk run.

Here’s some photos I found of the trail, I will take some photos personally tomorrow.

Hey nexty thats a bit of a plan you have there.I cant make manly dam but I could come along on future rides so keep posting.Also that list misses all my local trails completely I’m between Pennant Hills Park/Lane Cove Park and Darling Mills state forest.

Hey, I’m gonna be in Sydney for a week in May. I think I’m gonna be quite busy with work, but hopefully some riding time - I’m gonna bring the muni I think.

I’ve got a jet lag day on Sunday the 18th, if I’m not too caned by the flight I’d be up for a ride that day. Maybe the next Saturday too.


Also I’ll probably bring a riding light so I might manage an evening ride or two. I think Eyal from California took the train out to Manly Dam, and 10km seems like a good length for a night ride maybe I’ll hit that.

Is the Cycle Epic the one that Ken Looi did last year, I’m sure he said something about some kind of mentalist race in Australia?


It’s a fun race. I did it in 2005:

The course isn’t actually that difficult (except for last year when it turned into a mudfest after torrential rains). When I did the Epic I found it really difficult because I was not prepared for the heat. I think I drank about 12L of fluids and still felt dehydrated at the end. I spent the last half of the race cramping every few metres.

It’s one of very few races mountainbike races in the world with a unicycle category. In fact it’s probably the worlds longest MUni race (given that most of the 24hr races do not have a specific unicycle category)

I’ll probably do it this year. We should have at least three of us entered, because I think Sean Bennett will be doing it as well.


Bring your Muni - we’ll catch up and do the dam on the 18th.

The 'gong lads are planning on doing a Down Hill Muni day on the 24th if you can stay longer.

Ended up riding the ‘Bobbin Head’ fire trail today on my coker (125mm cranks) - 250m descent over 10km unsealed, eroded and sandy muni and then 250m climb back up to the top on sealed road with major camber.

Bring your Muni - we’ll catch up and do the dam on the 18th.

I’m about 60% chance for sunday at this stage.I’ve never ridden it but Manly Dam looks pretty good.

Manly dam is a heap of fun; very technical XC with some very nice downhill sections.

I am meeting Joe Marshall at 10:15am outside the Many Ferry terminal at Circular Quay if you (or anyone else) wants to come along.

Give me a call or send me a PM; if you require any more information.

I wish I could hit up Manly Dam again! That was a real fun ride… especially those huge rock drops in the third picture above! Have fun, and I look forward to reading the write-ups of the other trails.

A great ride today at Manly Dam ,my first ride with anyone and what a beauty, varied undulating terrain some great views great weather and a couple of world class riders for company.Thanks Geoff and Joe I really enjoyed it.




It was great to finally catch up and ride with other people for once!

Personally I picked up a heaps of ideas and tips from Joe on how to properly change lines.

Speaking of which, he had no issues climbing most of the hills and spinning like a madman whilst I hung back and received punishment for skipping dinner last night.

Can’t wait until he uploads his photos.

p.s. Before anyone brings it up; I left my armor at home and ended up regretting it to say the least. :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Turned out I dumped my ferry ticket (a weekly ticket worth $40) in the bin at the start of the trail by mistake - so I headed back there to get it back - and did another lap whilst I was there. 1 hour 06 for the trail - 2 hours from the ferry terminal to the trail, round and then back including all rests.

Was fun, and I got round just before it got too dark to ride, rode back to the ferry in the dark.

On the bad side I managed to get a fly bouncing off my eye on one of the last descents, which bizarrely enough scratched the front of my eye and meant a trip to A&E monday morning - is mostly okay now and I can see from the left eye again and have been putting magic prescription eye drops in it, should be cool to ride on Saturday assuming I’m not busy. I’m thinking maybe that oaks track might be a goer, perhaps with a shortcut on the st helena track which is quite techy I hear, or perhaps just bombing the track itself at speed. I hear the Blue Mountains are kind of pretty and it’d be nice to see some scenery.


Elevation data of the Dam:

I’d be up for something on either Sat or Sun; keep in touch Joe.

Wow, how i wish i had a muni and lived in sydney :frowning: If i am ever up in Sydney ill send you a pm im only 14 but would love to give a decent ride a try. Done a few kms on a cheap 20" uni not yet on my KH20.

Sure thing; Though Coffs has some very decent DH trails - Mt Coramba is one you should do some research into if you ever get a Muni and are able to convince your parents :slight_smile:

Stage III of the NSW 2008 DH MTB 2008 are going to be held there June 7th, 8th and 9th

hmmm, Will do. just gotta find some riders to ride with :stuck_out_tongue:

Short notice but Joe Marshall and myself are heading out to the oaks tomorrow for some Muni.

Others welcome; you have to be at Central Station by 9:00am for a 9:18am train out to the Blue Mountains though!

27km of downhill muni, will be taking the 29" - next time Coker? :slight_smile:

Bummer I gotta work,I doubt I could keep up with you guys anyway.I reckon there is a special challenge for joe to make the climb from the causeway to Glenbrook Station it is one tough hill.Enjoy

Just got back from the Oaks, will be doing it again on the 29th of June as part of the Woodford to Glenbrook Classic MTB race.

If anyone wants to join up - I have created a team called “Otherwheel” :slight_smile:

Towards the end of the trail I ran into ‘Whitey’ (here on Unicyclist) which was a pleasant surprise indeed.

Nice to see you too Nexty. Count me in for the “Otherwheel” team for the Careflight race. I know two other guys that might be doing it as well so I’ll try to convince them. We’ll be on 24"s so dont blame us if we cant keep up.