hi all.

I think yesterday was really good except for the fact that there was no outdoor space for trials and general practice.

I was thining since theres not gonna be a normal SWUM for ages how would people feel about one at one of the uk’s largest indoor skate parks, Mt Hawk
unfortunatly its Truro so a little further into Cornwall

If it was going to be organised I would have to have a number of certainties that would definetly come

Get back to me via this or an e- mail would be better

Hey, Lucas

I was wondering was it you and me that got kicked out of the playground for jumping of the bench? And if so who was the other guy (the guy that kicked up a bit, or was that you)?


Meeting in an indoor skatepark -wow. Fantastic! I’d definately go! My brother would too!

Where it Mt Hawk? We live in Sheffield. If it’s too far away it might be a little trouble. Is SWUM a 2-3 day thing?

Do you propose renting an indoor skatepark for a couple of days or just crashing there and riding?

More information please!!! Dreams

We didnt actually meet in a skate park this time he is talkin bout going to a skate park next time. mount hawke is one of the biggest skateparks in England. (its in cornwall). It would prob be best to try to rent it. I would definatly come then!