swum unimeet who's coming?

who’s coming :thinking:

So shall I

Yeah, but the thing is, the name is different :p…


I’ll be there!
So will Barbara and Roger be.
Rob and Paul too I think.

Any special requests for games?
I’m planning bulldog, stuck in the mud, chain tag, gladiators and …


I’m gonna try and make it down, and drag some people from London down with me.


I should be there.

Im goin. (first time i will have met a unicyclist, wonder what their like)


We are intending to come down, can’t miss two in a row.


We’ll be there
Paul - it you want some unis/sticks taken let me know

I’m coming along thanks to Totally_hooked, who will be lifting me (again). I’m not going to let some young pup take my bulldog title from me after I so skillfully hit people to gain the victory at Kidderminster :p. Plus I’ve got a new hockey stick I need to get used to.



I’m coming to the SWUM; I’m now closer to Kidderminster than Devon but SWUMs are ace.

I don’t think there have been any muni rides so far, but there are a few muni people there, so I’m sure a ride could be arranged. I’d definitely be game for it!


I was trying to find a suitable muni route for SWUM but there isn’t anything promising on the map. I intended to get over there and have a look but other things seem to have taken priority :frowning:
So you can blame me for the lack of muni next weekend :o. I’ll probably throw the muni and helmet in the car just in case though in case we feel inspired on the day. There’s a little forest a few miles to the west of Ashburton that may be worth a look, but it’s probably a bit too far to ride there, do some muni and ride back without being out of the meeting for ages.

Sarah has asked me to do a SWUM muni day, possibly in June, so we can discuss that next weekend. I’ll probably use some of the tracks around Princetown again if some different people are coming (or if Phil, Tue and Paul don’t mind covering some of the same ground again).