Swum Unimeet Photos

Here are my photo’s I took at the unimeet.



Thanks for posting those Trev. Any one else got any they care to share? I took my camera along but didn’t take any pics as usual.
Good to see all who came, quick count of reg forms surgests we had 38 riders.


Great photos!

Sorry Sarah i didnt fill out one of those forms. Well i there is a few with bishop in :stuck_out_tongue: he’s my second favourite :stuck_out_tongue: I couldnt take photos of my favourite :stuck_out_tongue:


I liked this one compared, more time to practice stuff and lots of games for everyone. Not many Hockey maniacs there i dont think which was good :stuck_out_tongue:


It was my first unimeet but the janitor was unkewl.


Yes he was :angry: . He was even worse this time than he was last time (wouldn’t let us set up slalom course under the covered bit of the playground but didn’t actually stop us riding outside that time). I think it’s probably fair enough to stop people jumping on the tables, but banning us from riding outside at all was a bit ridiculous. Being able to ride outside and test other unicycles is part of the attraction of a unimeet for me. Somebody wanted to test my 26" muni but couldn’t because of the power-crazed janitor (it was filthy and has metal pedals so couldn’t be ridden inside). It’s a shame about that because otherwise it’s a good venue (nice hall and cheap).