Swum Trials Ride Pics

Here are the pics that turned out from the trials ride at SWUM. Sorry the rail bail didn’t turn out!


u posted the crankflip pic 4 times

those pictures are so cool

dude I can’t believe that guy could do the same exact move for times perfectly! :wink:

He only did it three times which is only slightly less impressive.

Is that a monty uni in the unispin pic?

Sorry, These things happen


hey the pics look cool :smiley:

shame u didnt catch the great rail fall… damn that still makes me sick :astonished:

Cool pics! You guys kinda look like drug addicts for some reason! :smiley:

Woah, thats a nice thing to say! :astonished:

Although, that Mike is a bit shifty!
Just messin’, Love you really mate!

Rock on!

Drug addict?

What would ever give you that idea :thinking:

I just reread the above and realized it makes it sound like I’m Mike. Just to clarify, I’m not.:slight_smile:


What frame is that? I looks weird it has little nob things on it.

I’m not really into trials so I could be completey wrong, but it said Monty up the side of it, so I assume it’s a Monty frame (but it could have been just a sticker of course). It did look unusual with that weird crown.


It looks like an old qu-ax frame to me.

Does that dude know that his shoelaces don’t match, and that his roots are really showing?


Yeah, it looks like a monty uni. They have new ISIS ones now.

I’d bet you’d bang the hell outa your knees on that bitch.

It is in fact a Monty. I think.


yes, its a monty… i know alot of guys who has got them… not too good i think… the frame sucks…