SWUM 21st October 2006 video

Here is a selection of what happened at the South-West UniMeet last Saturday that I threw together very quickly. It’s 3 minutes 21 seconds long and encoded with the XviD codec.

It’s the first “proper” video that I’ve put together, thus I would appreciate any comments, good or bad. There’s not really any street or trials in it, apart from swarbrim’s silver-crankflip down a set of stairs.

Small version (9.1Mb) - view or right-click to download.
Large version (26.7Mb) - view or right-click to download.

EDIT - if it downloads as “main.php”, you may need to rename it to “swum.avi” before it plays.

Looks like you guys had fun.
But no sound:(

Dang it. It will only let me here the sound and not the video. Either I’m dumb or the download is dumb, I think it is the download, i hope. Can anyone help me out?

Excellent GK! Looks like a fun time was had by all!
Oh, and Mike, im expecting to see you throw down a crankflip with Lucas on your shoulders in London!

Rock on!

Looks cool, but I seriously think that we need more ‘mini-BUCs’ down South, a small weekend event or something that has stuff for all riding styles. I know it might be a bit difficult, but the only downside to these current SW Uni Meets is that there’s really not much for street, trials, and muni riders to do!

Even so, that meeting looked fun, but some of us can’t do anything but pure SIF trials like me…not even 1 footers yet! :o shocking isn’t it, thought I did get the first revolution last night :wink: :smiley:

Nice one! Less work for me on Sunday then!!

Rock on!

Meh, you still get free pedal-grab lessons from Spongeta… Let’s see who gets what move dialled first! :wink:

You’re on! :wink:

I think we need something like this up north too. Living in Scotland, it’s not too practical for me to come all the way down to the south of England, but I would be more than happy to ride with Northern English riders. I think this would encourage unicycling in the North but it would also allow riders of all skill levels to ride together more than once a year at BUC.

I also think more focus should be placed on trials/street. It seems to be most of the younger riders who practise these styles so I guess it’s up to us to do something about it. There is a street event planned for BUC and as always a trials event but hardly anyone takes part. I think it’s just a attitude we have in the UK, that we don’t take things too seriously therefore we won’t compete, which I think is bad in the long run for UK unicycling.


Nice muzak!

I have sound but no picture:(

were is that lesure center? :thinking:

It’s in Exeter, just off Exe Bridges. Cowick Street I think the road’s called.