Switzerland video - Casper van Tielraden

This is a video form my vacation in Switserland.:slight_smile:
Enjoy it and please drop a comment. :roll_eyes:

…nice Film and 720 great!!!

Nice! Your flat amazes me! Awesome long and creative combos! Cool 720s too, it’s funny that you land them all with one foot!

Great video! But sorry to say, but most of your combos are really borring to watch even though they are very difficult…
maybe it’s because you use a lot of small unispins
Nice 720’s!!

Thanks everyone! I really like to hear those comments.:slight_smile:
And it’s good that you say it Christian, than can I remember it for another video, thanks!

You’ve got nice controlled landing on your spins, and at the end of your combos. It would be really nice to see you doing that with your 540 unispins, and some sidespins. That way you could do spin combos that didn’t just involve 180s and 90s. Keep it up, though, this is some really nice stuff :wink:

Thanks man!:slight_smile:
I’ll remember that!