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I started my uni-life last July with a brand new Torker LX 24. It took me about 3 weeks to be able to ride distance, and my current skill level is level two (unofficially). I’ve also ridden a good deal of not-too-gnarly off-road and I can freemount two ways with 95% success rate.

So now, any day (says Darren Bedford), my KH 29XC will arrrive, and I wondered how easy the transition will be from my Torker 24 to the 29 inch wheel.

Any thoughts from you multi-uni owners? What will free-mounting be like on the bigger machine?


well it is just bigger so mounting it wont be as easy and you will be able to go much faster

Assuming your 24" had 6" cranks, and the 29-ers coming with 5" cranks; if you find the transition a stretch you can ease it by putting 6" cranks on the 29-er.

I did this on mine and found it to feel more like a ‘big 24’ in terms of control; as I live in a very hilly place I left the 6" -ers on, most people would probably aim to use the 5"-ers when they’d got used to the bigger wheel though.

29-ers are really nice when you’ve been used to 24"- the extra speed is a buzz.

I rode a 24x3 Muni before I got my 29’r. I had 150 mm cranks on both and the transistion wasn’t too bad. The 29" does feel quite a bit more twitchy with the narrower tire, but it’s pretty easy to adapt to. Don’t do like I did and try for max speed the first time out. I hopped on, pedaled it up real quick and got violently spit off about a hundred feet down the road. Get used to the feel before you crank it up. Freemounting shouldn’t pose much of problem. At first, it may seem a little odd having to leap up higher into the saddle. I haven’t ridden my 29’r much lately (I mostly ride my MUni) but hopped on it last week for a quick ride and felt right at home. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the change of pace :smiley:

I transitioned from a 20" that i rode for over 5 years to a 29" and it only took me a couple of minutes to get used to it. I think I was already a level 4 or 5 though. You should not have too much trouble transitioning, but the main difference will be the loss of control with the shorter cranks as onewheeldave said.

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I just about scared myself silly the first time I rode a 28" wheel with 140 cranks. ?How do you stop this thing!!! That was coming from a 26" with 170mm cranks.

Going to a coker from a 29’er was scary too, but it only takes a couple of rides to get used to.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It might take a couple minutes to get used to, but it won’t take long until you are 29ering in the wild blue yonder. Be sure to post a review of the KH after you’ve had a chance to ride it a bit.


Your 29" should be there tomorrow (Wednesday).

I will be sending your tracking info to your e-mail address.

Thanks again,

Re: switching to a bigger uni

Don’t sweat it. You made the transition when you decided to order the 29-er…from there it’s just tending to the details. You’ll get on it, you’ll get it figured out, and you’ll be hauling ass in no time.

I’ve got nothing in between a 24 and a 36; that KH 29 is looking real attractive. Maybe with next year’s tax refund…

watch your head…the tree branches are alot closer on a big wheel and i bet you’ll be taking that off-road a bit.

As an unofficial “level 1 and two thirds-ish” I recently went straight from my el-cheepo 20" to a 29" and riding it is great - really smooth! That is, when I can mount the thing!

I generally use the side stepover mount for the 20" which would seem to be a sensible mount for the 29", but when I actually land balanced ok to set off, often my first rock back won’t happen and I immediately dismount.

Any suggestions? Should I try to omit the backward rock and push forward?

(another) s7ev0

I wouldn’t worry about how you will learn to freemount the larger wheel steveyo, just do it. You will probably nail it in a few tries.

I am by no means a skilled rider, but managed to switch from a standard 20" freestyle uni to a Coker with the standard 150mm cranks. It was daunting at first, but I soon learned to take a good run up at it and let the added momentum launch me up onto the saddle (leg armour required to start with as any mistiming and the momentum in that big wheel can cause the pedals to scrape the calfs and shins something rotten - in hindsight). The switch to a 29" should be a breeze.

s7ev0 - If you are going to be riding with others, learn to mount without rocking back; rocking back into another rider who is also mounting may be amusing for any bystanders, but does nothing for the ego ( or friendship ).


The Lone Rider rocks on!


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I switched directy from 20" to Coker and freemount was a nightmare because the inertia of Coker was something too difficult for my usual “roll-back” mount.

I ended-up with a kind of direct mount with a short grip on the tire. I naturally went for it with a 29" (but it’s easier because the inertia is almost inexistant)


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