Switching hand, and sidehop sides.

Hi there, I’m thinking of switching the side I sidehop and the hand I hold my saddle with. One reason is because I’ve had a strain on my right wrist, and after a solid day’s worth of trials’in a small bit of soreness arises, which can’t be good for the long term recovery.

I normally hold the saddle with my right hand, left foot forward, sidehop left. I’m reasonably good at trials this way, but wondering if it’s possible to switch hands and sidehop sides with a bit of practice. I ride biketrials as well, so it’d be best if I can sidehop both ways by learning them to the right on my uni.

So what’s your take on this? Is it a perfectly doable thing like learning a new trick which just takes getting used to? Or is it an impossibly perfectable thing that can never be 100% fluent like writing wrong handed or speaking a foreign language?

I’m certainly not going to just switch to my left hand and still sidehop left, because I’m not a fan of Yoggi style sidehops to the ‘busy hand side’. So it’s really either I sidehop left with my right hand, or sidheop right with my left.

Dammmm I sound like a beginner. :smiley:

I can sidehop with any hand, any foot forward, to any side in any combination. I alternate hands every day because my hand usually gets sore after extensive sidehopping, so I give it a rest for a day and use the other one. I say, just practice and you’ll be as good with your left as you’re with your right. Btw, I’m not ambidextrous. And I am working on my foreign language. All it takes is practice.

thanks for the reply ivan.

I can sidehop with my opposite hand and opposite side, but just not with great height or finesse quite yet.

Do you find you can get every single combination equally ‘amazing feeling’? as well as getting decent and relatively equal height with all of your sidehop combinations, ivan?

If what I think you’re capable of is true ivan, then that’s certainly a morale boost for my learning! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, you have my name written three times in your post and every time it starts with a lower case letter. Oh well.
I can generally hop a little bit higher with my right hand because it’s stronger, but other than that it doesn’t matter too much. I’ve only been riding for about three months, mind you. Still, I can hop about 30 cm high. And I mostly practice freestyle.

When I had my wrist splined 2 years ago I changed sidehop directions and hopping hands.

My friend also just switched hands after doing trials for a few months.

It is really odd at first but two years later I don’t notice the difference. My friend is totally switched over in just a few weeks.

This being said, when I’m doing MUni and I ride up a steep slope I subconsciously grab onto the saddle with the old hand. The switch is still having some affect.

Your username is ivan, think about it.

Go for it Sponge, what can go wrong?


I thought about. The thing is, I can’t change it.
You live in Devon, do you know Amanda?

Everybody knows Amanda:)


are you going to reverse your crank position too?

you also might have a problem with crank grabbing on your left/ right side, wich ever you use most.