switching cranks

how do i know if a new set of cranks would fit my hub? if i have a qu-ax hub do i have to get qu-ax cranks? do all 10 spline cranks fit 10 spline hubs?

No. For example, DX cranks will only fit DX hubs. It would be a good idea to get the qu-ax cranks ans you won’t have to worry about compatabilty issues. plus I hear they are really solid and strong.

ya but i wanted to switch out the 145mm cranks for some 127mm cranks

Then buy 127mm qu-ax cranks. avaliable at UDC. What style do you ride?

i think the only cranks that will fit qu-ax hubs are the qu-ax cranks.

Quax don’t make 127 mm cranks for qu-ax hubs, unfortunatly they only make them for the out of date Kris Holm hub. Unless something new has happened I’m unaware of.

There are 127mm cranks on MDC, but I guess shipping might cost a pretty penny.

I think (but I’m not sure) that some bmx cranks might be able to fit on the hub, but like I said, I’m really not sure.

It might be best to email UDC and ask if they could get some 127’s in for you.

is there any place i can get qu-ax 127mm cranks?


Yeah, UDC used to have 127 qu-ax cranks. I guess they’re out of them or something. He could either get them from MDC and pay shiping or call or email UDC and see what they can do.

a lot of people seem to think that shipping from mdc is really really expensive. Its actually not bad.

for a longneck freesyle uni and a bunch of little(ish) stuff like seats and tires and tubs, shipping is around $30-$40.(to california)