Switched to 127mm torker lx cranks on 36er

Since my radial 36er has the UDC super wide hub, which makes the wheel stronger, but also gives me substantial “Q” factor, I wondered if I should try a “straight” crank in place of the “prowheel” angled cranks. The way I figured it, my feet were already pretty far apart due to the wide hub, so I didn’t need to increase the distance with “Q’d” cranks as well.

My assumption was that I should be able to get a little bit more top end speed with less wobble, by reducing the already plentyful “Q” factor. So I installed a pair of straight, non-“Q” factor cranks from my 20" torker lx, having been riding with the angled cranks. Both those and the torker are 127mm.

I thought I would immediately notice a difference, but to my surprise, I didn’t! Since I can’t feel a definite difference in speed or general performance, I guess it doesn’t really matter which type of crank I use. I’m also not sure, but I think the torker lx cranks are alum like the prowheel; at least they are about the same weight.

Yeah, Those LX cranks are great on a Nimbus 36. Low Q is the way to roll.

I’m using the 150’s. The reduced Q was a great improvement from my old cranks.

I had 150mm lx cranks on my 36", now I have 127mm prowheel cranks.

I actually prefer the prowheel cranks to the lx cranks. With the lx cranks my legs rubbed up against the tire. Wether it was the additional q-factor of the prowheel cranks or their smaller size that stopped my legs from rubbing I don’t know. But I really prefer the prowheel cranks. Besides it doesn’t seem like the q-factor makes a difference with such a big wheel.

Do you have the extra wide UDC hub, like I do? I also have the same 127mm prowheel cranks and have used them without complaint. I just wanted to find out if the straight, non-“Q’d” torker cranks would make any noticeable difference. I coundn’t detect any…yet.

I had two slightly different q-factor cranks left and right on the Schlumpf for months, and it didn’t seem to make any difference,.


I can see that if someone might experience excessive “wobble”, or their leg(s) might rub the cranks while pedalling, then using a cranks with “Q” factor would be helpful.