Switch Videos

I just recently had an idea for a interesting video series/ possibly a competetion.

I was thinking it would be cool to see some of the top riders in street switch it up and do a trials video, as well vice versa (ie trials riders make a street video). As a trials rider i would love to see how street riders tackle Trials lines, what kind of style they might bring to the table or hand rail (haha).

I also think this might go a long way to help build respect for each other, I have seen many times some of the top street riders bad mouthing trials (not giving names) and I know there is a little bit of friction from some trials riders when it comes to street. In order to build this sport we need to get over this (in my oppinion anyways).

Finally I think it might help start a new wave of mixing street and trials into something different and perhaps even better then either trials or street. I think there is alot of potential there.

So lets see shaun, luke, kevin (mcmullitron), kristen kovacs, Justin kohse and or any street riders, do some trials

And see Fabian mark, Joe Hodges, tom pec and or any trials riders out there do some street.

This is the challange,this is the idea, feel free to turn it into a competion

that’d be cool. Imo, the trials riders would totaly pwn the street lines, overkill on everything lol.

Justin Kohse’s last video had a lot of trials in it…

Justin K. last vid have some trial lines. In Spirit tompec did some street lines…

The biggest part of street riders can do some trial lines i think…

But it would be funny to watch! :smiley:

EDIT: Pele was faster…

I like riding trials only if I do flip tricks at the end of each line lol.

In Chupitos Arthur caron did a cool 270 Unispin of a bench… He is a street rider who turned into trials… i would like to see a new video from him!

yeah i know that justin has been mixing trials and street, i am his room mate after all. But i would really like to see what creative styles and ideas street riders have for trials lines and vice versa. I think the sport is moving towards a combantion of the two anyways. Just thought i might be able to win over a few more people… help the evolution of this sport go a little quicker. haha. I know some trials riders have done little street sections… but i am curious what they could and would come up with if forced to ride only street for one video and vice versa… just putting it out there

sounds sweet it will be mad whan some vids come up

In one of Shaun’s vids he made a joke about how he was switching to trials. I forget if it was Ill, or a good movie.

Luke also made a small Trials vid and said he really enjoyed it.

I think the better street riders would be able to make better trials videos and the trials riders would have a hard time making interesting street vids. I’m sure they could still do some pretty good stuff but I think the lines would be less technical than what you usually see in most street vids.

The joke was in a good movie. He made a little line in a bench. Someone have this video? It’s no longer avaliable in YouTube…:frowning:

part 1 (Shaun) and part 2 (Ryan)

Thanks Man… Downloading :smiley: