!!!!!!! Switch Uni Mag 3 in ENGLISH !!!!!!

Hi !!

You can now buy the third Switch Unimag (in english) at the web site.

With, in summary, amazing pictures of street and trials, rider pages, poster, and many more things.

Switch 3 !!!

Switch web site

Sweet. Just bought one. I did not see a language option, so I am assuming that it being sent to the USA is enough to know I would like the English version.

Thanks, can’t wait to get it.

The magazine is in both english and french, in the same magazine. There is english text next to the french text.

It is a really great magazine, I recommend that everyone get it.

Nice. So what you are saying is with this mag I will be able to learn French… well the important stuff anyway. Awesome.

OK, this looks great.
I might buy a copy.
But, what’s on the “Switch vid 2” DVD?

Wow that’s so cool! It will be nice to have an alternative to Penton’s Uni mag, and the competition will hopefully keep the quality top notch!:slight_smile:

It’s not really competition because the two magazines are so different. The switch magazine is a skater style mag as opposed to the uni mag which focuses more on longer write ups etc.

Switch Vid 2 is a video made by Xavier collos with Tom Pec, Spencer Hocheberg and Arthur Caron. 10 mn

I offer it for the 10 first personne who buy the mag.

:wink: Bye

Cool, will this magazine eventually be available through Municycle.com?

bought this magazine at unicon and i really like it its a good quilaty print in my opinium bether than the print of uni mag.

still have to watch the dvd