"Switch" tricks: the future of street?

No, the point of the .5 flips is that you would flip it in the switch position but land it in the dominant position. So the pedals wouldn’t be vertical, just normal.

I think switch tricks look good when people do the normal trick then the switch trick so its easy to see, but it would get really old if people did that everytime. In one of Kelly Hickman’s vids he does a 360 unispin then a blind 360 unispin in the same shot so it was obviously blind.

Haha, I can’t believe you remember that. Yeah I did ha. Its in this video here… I got the idea from Shaun though so give him the props lol. Next on my list…blind 540 unispin haha jk. Kelly.


Its towards the end. KH.

Heh, of course…I remember everything;)

i think it will at least become an aspect of street… but i think unless you first study who puts whos foot which way… (who cares) then somehow watch them do it some other way, its not really going to matter.

but i do think that if you can get both feet and spin directions and stances the same strength, that your unicycling abilites will be greatly improve. even if its only to give you more things to practice.

The difference is, you can tell by a skater’s normal riding which direction is “normal” and which is “switch”, but you can only tell which is which when a unicyclist is actually doing the trick (and then marking the trend). Thus, there’s really no such thing in unicycling as “riding switch”, as there is in skateboarding.

In some ways, street unicycling has a style that really is the love-child of skateboarding and flatland BMX.

wondering what “mongo” would be,
John M

haha mongo on a unicycle…hmm. seat out? or one foot riding…

i am impressed whenever i see someone do anything switch on a uni.

street uni is so sick because it is in its “dogtown” days…

I think switch tricks should be illegal. Second hand astonishment from switch tricks damages the egos of innocent people. The Supreme Court should rule on this soon. These switch trickers should be randomly searched at airports, bowling alleys, and roller rinks. They should be punished to the maximum extent of the law.

hahaha that’s funny

I really dont think switch tricks are going to be the next thing. Take a look at bmx. They have a dominant foot just like a unicyclist. They dont bother with different footing cause they know it doesnt matter. No one would notice or care.

Who cares about bmx. Unicyclist notice and we care, we can appreciate how hard tricks are switch. So do skaters. And street unicycling is alot more similar to street skating than bmx.