"Switch" tricks: the future of street?

I’ve noticed alot in skateboarding, the emphasis on “switch” tricks (a switch trick is doing a trick with the opposite foot forward. For example, if you normally do a kickflip with your right foot forward, a switch kickflip for you would be doing one with your left foot forward).

In applying this to unicycling, a switch trick would be doing it with your other foot forward. Like a switch unispin or crankflip. I was thinking that as street riding progressed, switch tricks will start to be more common. Shaun has already done the switch crankflip (he calls it a goofy flip). Im guessing switch unispins have been done also.

So what does everyone else think about this?

From a unicyclist’s viewpoint, I’d be impressed to see a rider who is good at switch tricks. I’m just starting to figure out how to do a switch rolling hop myself… it’s like learning it all over again!

From a non-rider’s viewpoint, I don’t think anyone will know the difference. On a skateboard, it’s obvious when a rider changes his stance. On a unicycle, it’s pretty far from obvious…

Yeah, it looks just like the way you normally do it, but not as good since you are better with your dominant foot. Plus it’s a lot of work just for that…

i dont think switch tricks are cool… i would rather see a harder trick with you better foot.

i was thinking about that same exact thing today…
also, when grinding or spinning what would frontside and backside be?
or is it even able to be catagorized?

well you could grind backwards and forwards, but not quite the same thing. front foot/back foot grinds might be closer to what we’re talking about.

Quite honestly, I think that switch tricks have a lot of potential. There’s nothing better than seeing a tricks and being like “Oh, that wasn’t bad”, and then being like “HOLY!! He did that left foot forward!!!” Personally I think that could go somewhere. I mean obviously non-riders wouldn’t care, but non-skaters don’t care if something is switch on a skateboard either. The fact is that if you want to see a big and technical trick, it’s going to come in the normal stance. But I think people would start to understand how much more technical a switch trick is. In Shaun Johannesson’s flip tricks video, he does a switch flip, which I think is quite possibly one of the top two or three tricks in that video, and I don’t think many people realize that. I bet most people couldn’t hop high enough switch to do that, let alone actually flip the cranks with the wrong foot forwards. If you’re doing switch tricks, its not going to LOOK more impressive, but good street riders should understand that is IS more impressive. Personally, I’ve worked on some switch a little bit, and I think some other people should get into it.

Kevin McMullin

So if I idle with my left foot, is that called a switch/goofy idle? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, learn the switch tricks, if only for yourself. Switch or not, non-unicyclists will never fully understand it. :wink:

Blind, switch and fakie tricks are awsome. I think there should be a word for landing somtrhing seat in.

I think switch tech is insane yes. But what is even sicker is switch over gaps… considering it’s your wrong foot the impact is SO harsh I did a 3 stair and it took me aorund 1 hour to land it. Also switch grind are insane, I mean we all seen shaun switch flip but what about a switch to blunt grind ?.. Another thing I would like to add is that no one talks about the alley-hoops 180’s (when you do a 180 going sideways to the drop and 180 on the oposite side… hope that made sence…) I my self think that doing stuff alley-hoop looks so great. Anyways I think switch has so much potential but it’s just alot of work.

Correction: “alley-oop”

im abi"foot"strus i use both in equely

Stupid question but humor me:

Is there an assumption that one foot is normally “supposed” to be in front? If so, which one? You’ll find that some riders are lefties and others are righties. To appreciate a switch trick, first you have to know which is the rider’s dominant foot.

Well you usually see witch foot they ride in front usually… Because no one makes a switch only video.

Doesn’t it depend on the trick? I’ve never done any of these tricks, but I would think that forward and backward flips would be easiest with your dominant foot in the front and back, respectively.

john- like max attempted to explain. skaters can have either foot forward like unicyclists. it depends on the guy what’s normal and what’s backwards.

I personally feel that “fakie” tricks are very cool, by “fakie” i mean riding backwards or blindly into it. like fakie 180 over a stair set. Personally i think it looks cool and is fun as hell when you land it! and fakie tire grabs over stair set’s are cool ! personally i have only landed fakie tricks over a large 4 set’s but i am planning to try 5’s and 6’s soon.

“street’s what i do when i can’t find trials”

another thing that could open up very many things with switch tricks. half crankflips, switch half crankflips, more have rev stuf or 1.5 crankflips/revs. think of how techy it could get:

-switch half flip to bluntslide
-1.5 crankflips
-switch fakie (or nollie like in skating) 180s, 360s (so riding backwards and doing a hop twist with your other foot forward)
-switch 180 1.5 crankflips
-switch half rev to grind

Those are just a few things, but the switch and switch fakie (nollie) open up alot more stuff (very hard stuff at that). Also some new grind variations.

I think that learning tricks that use your dominant foot are great to learn with your less dominant foot. Not only because it feels good to you to know that you can do it, but altogether, all-around riding will be much easer. I twill also lessen the amount that you fall…

I dont like the idea of 1.5 tricks because then we would have to many tricks, also how could you ever land a 1.5 crankflip to grind ? same over stairs it’s too much impact for landing with your pedal up.