Switch to Trials or stay with Freestyle?

I’m a relatively young unicyclist who started few months ago. My current unicycle is a 20" Profi from Qu-Ax.

Over the months, I’ve been trying to learn idling and bunny hopping.

I’ve seen youtube videos whereby a trials unicycle is capable of doing what a freestyle unicycle can do. Right now, I’m thinking of switching to a trials because of the wider diameter in the tyre - it allows me to roll over bumps, more area to wheel-walk.

But I’m not sure what I would miss out on freestyle, if I switched over to trials.

I would need advise on this.

I ride freestyle on my trials uni :slight_smile: With a trials you can still do freestyle, but it allows you to also do trials and street: some things you really can’t do on a freestyle uni.

Do what you like man, that’s all that there is really to say. If you’re still learning to idle and bunny hop I’m gonna go ahead and say you shouldn’t be deciding in one specific style right now.

Learn a bit of trials, street, freestyle (start doing small drops and jumps, learn 1 footed, get a 180 unispin) and after that you’ll feel more inclined to follow one direction over the other. If you still can’t decide after learning the basics of all of them, do both, trials you can do on rides and freestyle you can do anywhere flat, they compliment each other nicely.

You might learn one style pretty well and then switch over from it, I used to ride a lot of flat but now I resent it and switched to nothing but street but that’s slowly changing into muni for me.

Also what Eli said, you CAN ride freestyle on a trials uni, it might be a little more difficult though, but it is doable. I’m not completely familiar with the Qu-Ax Profi that you have but I took a look at it and it looks pretty solid for learning freestyle, and light street and trials. If you were to choose to get a new unicycle, specifically for taking beatings, you could always keep your current one and call it your freestyle unicycle and then you’d have 2 unicycles that are great for what you specifically want to do.

Hope this helped and made sense, I kinda just woke up and am a little out of it.

I’m in the same postion with you, riding a 20" freestyle and wishing I could get this: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/street/kris-holm-20-inch-flatland-cycle.html

But my freestyle uni is not what is holding me back. So for now I’m sticking with my Nimbus freestyle.

ezas, that’s a gorgeous unicycle! Kris Holm!

Jon B, I am not sure if I want to keep 3 unicycles at home. (I have a 29" too) That would reduce the walking space outside my house. Also, I need money for a trials, hoping to get it by selling my Profi 20". Yeah, I probably should get a feel of both, and decide which direction I should head. It made sense to me. Thanks!

EliB, alright. It seemed that a trials is more versatile then!

I’ll try on a trials and see how it differs from a freestyle soon.

not sure if that KH is really necessary for freestyle. . . gotta say, I think that eclipse beats it. I’m a big fan of the steel nimbus, but I’ve been by the shop, and the eclipse frame is sweeeeet.

for right now I’m in love with my nimbus X

I think you’re right, you can do more on a trials uni, but a 20in freestyle is a classic, and really exemplifies classic freestyle tricks. you can wheel walk a trials uni, but it’s easier on a freestyle. what about gliding, coasting? all of those will be harder on a trials uni.

. . . and as I’m finding out, you can wheel walk a 36er ; ) it’s super fun, and looks really cool from what everybody has said. I’ll get some video soon O:-) this kinda reminded me

Wait. Are you talking about getting rid of a unicycle? Makes no sense to me man, unless you live in a really tiny apartment. I have 40 unicycles in my garage, and I want more. Excessive? Perhaps. I’m just saying…

I do have space in my corridor, but I don’t like it to be occupied by many things. I was just thinking about, keeping my unicycle then buying another trials as Jon B said. Haha, I might keep. Cheers.