Switch from LX to Onza Trials

I jumped off about a 4 foot drop on my torker LX (knowing soon it would give) and now it creaks and it just seems its gonna fall apart any time. I figure rather than buying another lx or a nimbus or something I’d get something to keep for a while but am afraid that going from a little torker lx to an onza trials is a big step and I am worried that it will be a bit heavy. I wanted to know if there was a huge weight difference between the lx and the onza trials. I also read while searching that the onza weighs more than the qu-ax,but is better than the qu-ax. Is it enough of a weight difference to buy to qu-ax rather than the onza?


no, i think the onza is lighter than the quax.
yes, it will be alot heavier, but weight come strength and strength equal huge hops

and if you really get alot into it and get a super ligh uni you will be a monster

i figured that out with my DX lol

yeah the Onza is definetly lighter than the qu-ax, plus the onza it comes with a way sweet crank/hub set up