Swiss Ball Skills hehe

Hey guys this started here Swiss ball?
with an innocent question and so i decided to make a video to prove my Swiss ball balancing abililty :smiley:
Lol comments aprreciated! If you read the post my question basically was, I learnt very quickly to unicyle in about 1-2hours do you think that my ability to do this through training for rugby and water polo was the key to my success and therefor is core body strength and stability the key to unicycle balance and success!?

im impresed

The video is now on my myspace hehe

You might enjoy my crazy traction kiting video too :slight_smile:
Have Fun

Next time I would try to capture the ball in the frame (after all the video is all about the ball right?).
I would also avoid filming is such bad lighting conditions, it made it quite hard to watch.

Yea sorry It was kind of last minute and I recored it in my room on my webcam soi couldnt get far nough away to fit the ball in and the uality wasn’t very god :slight_smile: maybe il get some beterfootage some time :slight_smile: club juggleing perhaps! :smiley:

Got to say that it was pretty impressive. I can’t even juggle except with two balls using both hands or just right hand. What’s that ball you’re standing on? I’d like to try that sometime.

Maybe we should make a back it up swiss ball game :stuck_out_tongue: Who’s gonna be first to orbflip a swiss ball? Dropping in on a halfpipe would be kinda hard not to fall off…

I thought your video was good but probably a bit too long considering the poor quality (kinda like this comment sorry). I’d prefer if you’d edited it down to a quicker look at each of your skills without the inbetween thumbs up at the camera etc. I wish I could say the same thing to street performers, when I stop by and see what they can do. It’s maddening the way they drag it all out with ultimately average skills.

Anyone else find steet performers annoying when they just stand there obsessing about getting bigger audiences? Maybe they’d actually have an audience if they had any skills to show. Damn it.

lol yeah it really was kind of a spur of the moment thing m8 lol didn’t really pay any attention to editing lol it was only the third time I’ve ever tried juggleing on the ball lol i got juggleing 3 clubs on the ball down now lol im going to to gout into my garden in a minute to record it lol and maybe a lil bit more advance juggleing with balls :smiley: I’ll try not to waste time on smaller stuff lol :slight_smile: cheers for comments

And yeah I h8 street performers who spend lke 5 minutes doing nothing waiting for an audience! if your show is eye catching and deserves applause then it will attract people! Its the smae when table hopping for magic from experienc i know the more noise a table makes because of a trick the more you will be asked over to tables or to come back again!

Yeah, the quality was pretty bad and it’d be nice to be able to see the ball, but still pretty good and verry impressive. I especially like that it was not edited and all in the same shot.

How many takes did you have to do? Did you get it all on your first try?

lol that was my first take haha I feel very stable on the ball I’ve recently been trying to stand on it for the longest time possible have achieve 26 minutes no lol, standing on the ball is extremly tiring and requires alot of concentration and effort! thanks for comments on the video! I will try to record something a little more impressive on the ball with better quality and so you can see the ball maybe fire clubs or knives :slight_smile: or even normal clubs haha with some more complex three ball juggleing might do some five ball to :slight_smile: