sweetskinz.com - fancy tires

Check out these tires - www.sweetskinz.com

They have 700s and 26s and 20s, but no 24s.

saw these ages ago on here.

they look fantastic !!!

i wonder how they are for grip

I’ve been wondering if those are indoor safe. Will they mark a gym floor? The blue one would look cool on my freestyle uni.

they’d be awesome on a bc wheel just because they’re so decorative.

WOW! Thank you very much for the web!! :wink: :wink:

wow they look very flash. wonder if anyone in uk is selling them?

Just in… bankruptcy filing…

“we cleaned up our balance sheet”


i saw these on CDK a french unicycle shop. so i’m guessing u can get them easily in france, shipping shouldnt be too much lowlight

They are pretty awesome it is true

are they going out of business?

By the looks of it, no.