Sweet trail ride today

We of the Western North Carolina Unofficial Unicycle Association went on a sweet trail ride in Dupont Forest today. I took my brother Etude, who has been riding for two weeks, and he burned it up. Adam Masters was leading the way over big slabs of rock and nice downhill roots and drops. Keith was practicing his hopping, and Ben was attempting daring attempts in the name of his new baby Max. I jumped some rock stacks, and fell trying to get more air off of a drop than I should have. Jack and Bill couldn’t make it, but perhaps next time.

I think we’ll be doing some muni demonstrations at the Mountain Sports festival in Asheville in early May, and we may build some trials obstacles to work for the festival as well. I’ll post video and pictures on youtube when I get them from Adam. www.youtube.com/user/jonahmicheajudy

The fifth mile wears one out.

Good riding