Sweet new 'A' BC plates

Well I made a pair of bc plates today and they are quite sexy.

Quarter inch thick, 7.5 inchs long, 5 inchs tall, and 4 inchs wide. They were made from some metal they had at a place that sells scrap metal in Ottawa so they already had a couple holes in them but they are still perfect. The guy there even let me do whatever I wanted to them to make sure they wouldn’t bend and I later put them onto the wheel so tight the wheel wouldnt spin then hopped on them a bunch just to be totaly sure.

Anyways here is a picture and if anybody is interested in a pair let me know and I can go down to the metal place again on monday or something and pick up some more metal. If you are interested they would be about 20 bucks (Canadian) which is cheap because the metal is useless to them because of the holes.

Also the picture is rather red and dark because I was just using a webcam but if you are interested in getting some I will get some real pictures up later.


Picture 004[2].jpg

Is that a 3/8 axle? If it is you will be bending in soon.

I like the cool holes in them, it looks like a design. How much do they weigh?


Its a 14mm axle and they weigh three pounds for the pair.

Glad people like them.

When I originaly got them the guy there was trying to talk me into buying them because he thought the design on them would deter me but I thought it added some flare without hurting them.

That is NOT a 14mm axle.

I remeasured using a more precise method (using an adgustable wrench) and they seem to be 12 mm so it would appear that you are correct. Either way its close enough for now as I can’t go further than ten feet.

Thats probably fine for now then, just don’t do jump mounts and don’t hop…at all.

those are kick. ass. plates.
I love them.

stylish too! and i love the atari system…


Hopefully this week I can pick up some grip tape at a local skate shop and then they will be uber sexy.

Don’t forget that I can get some more of these and they can be yours for only 20 bucks Canadian plus shipping.

There… I fixed it for you…