Sweet!! A movie forum!!!

They’ve finaly added one! Everybody post your videos here.

It will be good that all the new movies don’t get lost amongst rsu talk… i like to keep up with all the new movies and if i miss a couple of days, have to wade through several pages.

That is if people use this forum. THere is a uni articles and tuteriols(sp?) but not a lot of people use it; they just post it in rsu.

Yeahhhhhhh!!! Whooooo Hooo!

i think this will be sucessful

Maybe it should be sorta compulsory that you have to post your new movie in here, and then you can also post in rsu if you wish

me too. I just started this thread a few minuites ago!

You guys do realize that by posting a topic without a video in it you are contributing to the same problem that plagues the RSU forums. You are putting things in here that don’t belong, and by replying into this thread I am supporting that… crap…

okay, then after everyones informed, this thread will probably die in a few days and all will be merry.:smiley:

No, just post it here. That was the point of the new video section, so that no one has to post videos in rec.sport.unicycling. If people want to watch them they will come here.

it won’t die if there’s only 2 threads…:slight_smile:

Yay! a vedoeo forum!!!

If there are any more threads like this, we’ll still have to wade throuh non-movie stuff.

that would sorta suck

my thoughts exactly

When will this thread die?lol i hope i didnt just bring it back.

yay hours of Unicycle Movie Fun… well maybe not hours but you get my drift…

Yeah, I saw “Elfin Forest MUni ride” in what I thought was Unicycle Product Reviews. I clicked it, did a double take, and realized that there is now a ‘Unicycling Videos’ forum.