Swedish solo learner looking for company!

Hi everyone, my name is Hugo, 30 years old and I live in Uppsala, Sweden. I learnt riding forward when I was about 12 and got decent at it but never really progressed. I picked it back up last year and it has now replaced walking for me, helping me rehab weak foot musculature and overall core strength.

I tend to get out on a daily basis and ride about 5 miles / 8 km on my 26" wheel. Looking to improve, find myself in a community and get inspired! I’m looking at a 30"+ wheel for the summer and want to do a long hike over Sweden, would be fun to hear about others who has attempted similar things. What do you think about this crazy idea?

Best regards,


Sounds similar to me. Im planing some long sommer trips on my 36’er in Denmark.

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