swedish new movie

me and andreas hoernmans new movie.

you can see it online


or download it


WOOOOO! that was great man!!!

Andreas has some smooth 360s!! It was all great.

I’m gonna go ride now

Ediiiit: awww crap i forgot to say that was such good editting!!

Great Job, deffenatlly one of the best movies in a long time.

Deffenatlly a must see.


sweet video mate , thats gotta be some of the best riding ive seen in years. nice editting too.

well done

sorry forgot to say: what uni’s are you guys using in the video?

thanks a lot for the feedback.

I got a kh 20" trial with a nimbus frame and andreas got a ordinary kh 20" trial.

best movie since universe 2.
(because im in it! :P)
nah kidding but its really good!
great job Simon


Really cool first 30 seconds,'cause thats all i saw.The music was good.But it kept getting stuck and going reeeaalll slow so i gave up.Ill wacth it another time,when i can figure out how to make it play better.

I’m downloading it now. This is a huge file - 140MB! Maybe the people with slower connections would appreciate a smaller version.

Wow, that was a most excellent video! Great camera work, great editing, and best of all, great riding. You guys rock. Thanks for making that available to us all. That’s definitely worth something. Makes me want to go to Sweden. The variety of locations and obstacles was great. I can’t say enough good things about it. Great job.

Great video.

No need to say more I think.


My computer cant veiw it. I think you should create a less-quality version so more people can view it.

ok, I had to try and view this movie on 4 different computers in my house…and I finally got it to work. And it was definentely worth the extra effort. The riding was awesome, and the editing was great. For some reason…I have a real big urge to ride right now. Good job guys.

Great movie guys. I like the editting.

That snow riding sure is fun to see when you live in a place that never snows.

The video is breaking at 5:30 or so. That’s only halfway through, is there more video?

Very good, very interesting. The long, high-speed, snow BC wheel run was quite something!

I’ve got it in wendows media player,but its real jerky and slow.It plays for a couple seconds,then stops,then go’s…

What are the specs on the computer (CPU and RAM)?

It plays perfectly fine for me on a 1.2 GHz Athlon, 512 MB RAM, Windows 2000. CPU utilization is about 40% while the movie is playing. I can still multitask (open other programs, browse the web, etc) while the movie is playing and the movie doesn’t pause or stop.

Umm,its a ME,I dont know about the rest.It says “64MB” on a sticker on the side,I really dont know what of.

20.0GB ultra DMA hard drive.

700 MHz

Ah, the video probably would be unplayable or barely playable on that.

Hopefully we can get a smaller version of the video posted so it’s easier to download and easier to play on older computers. Lowering the resolution down to around 320x240 and lowering the bitrate would make it playable on most computers.

I downloaded it, and it’s a great movie. Really smooth style, I wanna try some of that stuff.

However, even though it’s all uber long and large, I still want a higher quality, specifically one with a higher framerate. the crankflips go by so fast I don’t even get to really see them!