Swedish muni

Here are some muni clips I put together:


It´s neither very hard nor technically brilliant (two of us are beginners),
but you might enjoy the nature and find the Scandinavian trails interesting :slight_smile:

Cool fellers… got to ride a two-wheeler in Sweden once but had no uni.
Looks like a fun day in Scandinavia!

Gothenburg! I really want to go there! Awesome video… I want to cross sweden… but i dont know wich size I should use… probably 24" ( Stockholm to Are)

Stockholm to Åre is about 700 km, so that´s quite a challenge with a 24"… but you´re most welcome to try! :slight_smile: I´m glad you liked the video!

I just want to push about 40-50 kms/ day… It will be in quite a few years :p… Hope I can ride with you!

Sure thing, dude! We´re always happy for new guys to ride with! See you in a few years then :wink: