Swedish freestyle video

Here’s a flatland freestyle video a friend and I filmed during the weekend. It was only shot on one location and the technical quality may not be the best, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the riding :slight_smile:

Click the picture to watch the videon on Youtube. Song is by Svenska Akademin

Wow, that was awsome! The music was a little strange, but awsome riding!:slight_smile:

Pretty sweet video, i liked that forward dismount then immediate jump back to wheel walk.

That was good. I liked the jumping into/out of standupww freehanded. And that was a long coast…

That is some awesome riding. I liked all the ww and 1ft ww tricks, I’m working on that right now.

That was really good. We need some more freestyle vids more often.
That 1 footed coasting was really good.

HUZZAH freestyle is cool!!! i liked it


Great! Nice to see more Freestyle/non-Street & Trials stuff going on. And more riders from Sweden! It’s been a while since I was aware of any interesting unicycling going on there. Also I liked the music. I thought it went great with a Swedish video.

Did you know that three (or more) of the tricks you did were invented in Sweden? Can anyone name which ones?

Invented means something uncommon that was first seen or shown by riders who came to big conventions (so others could see their skills), or by riders who communicated those skills to the larger unicycling community. Many of our tricks were probably done 100 years ago by entertainers, but we don’t have very good records of which ones, and they weren’t trying to share them at the time anyway.

More Freestyle videos please!

People like you have a wonderful talent of making me feel woefully inadequate.


You’re an amazing rider…keep up the good work.

yay freestyle! that was very good vid. What kind of unicycles are you 2 riding?

u could just call it flatland vid… or what is swedish a new style of unicycling ? cauz i mean next time I make a vid maybe I should call it it Canadian street unicycling ?..good vid tho

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: that was extremely good :astonished: :astonished: cool :sunglasses:

coasting, seat drag, 540 unispin


Good researchin’! I’ve got to look at more of that Wikipedia stuff. The one on coasting seems very well-done and thorough!

But you noticed one I wasn’t thinking of. So make that four tricks… :smiley:

Swedish style:
What is Swedish style? In this case I think he’s just letting us know this is a video from Sweden. But back in the 80s we used the term Swedish style to cover the new moves being done by the small group of Swedish guys that brought us, among others, coasting, seat drag, 540s and more. Like using 20" wheels instead of 24" for Freestyle. Back then most of us used the same unicycle for racing and artistic. Life was much simpler then… don’t get me started. :slight_smile: