Swedish EUC video- Dirt in wintertime

Hey! This is the Swedish contribution for the EUC video contest… It’s some weeks late, thanks to the twins…
Editing is, according to them, not so good. I like it though…
We didn’t get any result of what place we got but the video is still good.
Daniel Adelander
Oscar Kambring
Josef Sjönneby
Martin Sjönneby

Sorry for youtube…
Drop a comment!!

very cool clean treytriple too

How high was the side hop at the end?


No! this video isn´t good at all. but it was not 120 cm. it was 115.5. on euc he did 118.5

Haha its not a bad video XD

Nice vid guys :)!

nice riding, nice music but yeah the locations are dirty but thats always the same in the wintertime :smiley:

nice style, nice Vid!

Thanks for the comments… Funny that nobody reacted to the 9rev leg around, treytriple and treysidetriple or the fifthdouble-backroll :stuck_out_tongue:

It was awesome :D:D:D
Is the 9 rev leg around a new record? and i’ve already seen the treysidetripleflip :wink:

I also like the long combo @ 0:55, Jozef his style and the trial skills of Martin :slight_smile:

great vid!! :roll_eyes:

) is probably the world record of filmed leg arounds but my record is 13, but its sooo hard to do again…

Fifthdub to backroll :astonished:

I just thought it was a fifth. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice riding by everyone. Keep it up:)

Haha, the 9rev leg arround was one of the highlights in the video while judging them! We also take respect that its not that easy to film in swedish winter time. About the placement I can say that we only place 1 - 4 and not all the rest cause it is hard to decide between them. So you was not in the top 4 but there is some awesome stuff inside. If i have finaly some time I put all the videos from the competiton together on the utv server then people can see them all in a row.

Team Sweden continue !!! It should be told here maybe also tjhat finaly 3 swedish riders reach the Top Ten in senior Flatland at EUC10!