Swedish Cycle Act

I just got sent a link to an incredible unicycle and artistic bicycle act. They’re Roger and Andre The Swedish Cycle Act. Sorry about the background music on the web page. You might want to turn your speakers off to avoid annoying your neighbors.

The unique part of the act is that Andre rides an artistic tandem on the rear wheel like a giraffe unicycle. He starts riding solo as the stoker, lifts the front wheel off the ground, climbs up to the captain’s seat, and then climbs up to and sits on the head tube. Incredible.

Other skills displayed: Jumping from a 6 foot to an 8 foot giraffe while riding, freemounting an 8 foot giraffe, artistic bike skills, and more.

Check out the gallery on the web page. On the gallery page is also a 3 MB QuickTime movie. The movie shows the 6 ft to 8 ft giraffe transfer and the tandem artistic bike wheelie among other things.

I got the link from a tandem bike rider that I met on the Chilly Hilly. That tandem wheelie has the tandem cyclists all amazed.

Ah yes, i used to talk to one of them when i had icq, nice bloke as well. :slight_smile: