Swedes in LA!

Hi everybody!

Me and a friend (who is a beginner unicyclist) will be traveling to california for 6 weeks. We will arrive in LA on the 22th of september. We will be staying in LA for most of the time but are also planning on making trips to San Fransisco and maybe Las Vegas and San Diego.

If anyone wants to meet up and ride it would be awesome! I ride mostly trials but is up for anything, Muni/Street/Distance/Just riding around and socializing you name it! We won’t be bringing our unicycles with us. So if anyone would like to lend us one or two it would be cool.

Anyone interested can mail me at felixlweb(at)hotmail.com or write in this thread.

I will get a phone number while over there so you can call me as well.

Hope to see you soon :slight_smile:


Hey Felix! I’m Swedish too, but I was born in CA. Anyway, I’d be up for some riding for sure. MUni, coker, trials. Let me know when you’re in town.:slight_smile: