Sweat Gutr headband

I live in a hot climate–it was over 100ºF today–and I also have a propensity to sweat. Not the ideal combination for muni! So I bought a nifty little sweatband called a Sweat Gutr, and had a chance to use it today.

It’s pretty effective at keeping sweat out of your eyes–a problem for me, as I wear contact lenses and sweat can really irritate. Essentially, it places a soft plastic gutter across your forehead, and channels sweat off your forehead to the sides of your face before it can run down into your eyes. It’s pretty comfy and relatively unobtrusive. I noticed its presence at first, but soon enough forgot about it.

At $18, it’s not cheap, but I think it’s worthwhile if you have problems with sweat dripping in your eyes.