SWAT Sponsored by Arrow Racing!

Well, it is official.

As of today, all the members of SWAT were added to Arrow Racing’s factory team list. Appearently we will receive jerseys, banners, stickers, and free/discounted merchandise (on all merchandise I believe). We are to frequently submit photos of the 2005 season for Arrow to use as publicity photos.

We sent them a fairly lengthy packet of information about all types of unicycling, our skills, lists of events, and years riding. We also sent a list of the 10 skill levels of unicycling. Gus (the owner of Arrow) got back to us today through snail mail with a letter declaring the sponsorship.

I never would have expected it. I thought that Arrow would have blown us off as a joke, but appearently we can explain things well. I just hope they respect and revere the unicycling community as much as I and the other members of SWAT do.

Now to get them to make some prototype frames…:smiley:

edit- I know you guys probably don’t care, but I thought it was cool news :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations. Now go out there and earn your keep.:smiley:

Oh yea, and when you get your jerseys, post a pic.

Dude that is really awosme, congratulations!



More sponsorships mean more ‘professional’ opportunities :smiley:
(don’t show them your avatar/mugshot :smiley: )

:stuck_out_tongue: That is Brian Mackenzie after he fell on a rolling trials line. I decided to immortalize him!

No problem, just gotta wait a bit for 'em.

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Congratulations… that’s AWESOME! Maybe you can send them some photos from the SWAT/HCR/MacKenzie group ride we’re planning at the ESPN skatepark. On that note, perhaps someone should post a separate thread and maybe we can finalize a date and get an even bigger turn-out!

Im psyched for you guys about the sponsorship!

Obvious question:
How do I become a member of SWAT? :slight_smile:

Move to Philadelphia.

Go us for being sponsored. we will definitely earn our keep and give them great footage/pics of us abusing their rims. its a shame that this couldnt have happened sooner; i would have liked to have an arrow racing jersey on for motorama. i probably would have been more psyched and done better than a measley 10th place finish…

HCR, when is this ride at the skatepark supposed to take place? are you talking about the skatepark in PHiladelphia at the Franklin Mills mall?

Just be careful. Josh Bender had a deal with Arrow Racing. Arrow Racing is going to expect you to go big like Bender. :astonished:

We will eat Big and his brother Huge for breakfast. We will definitely have a solid grip on Extreme.
Also, we plan to break a properly laced arrow rim, by acheiving said level of extreme.

Well, Obie said he can make it between the 4th and 13th of March and Brian MacKenzie said he can make it during mid-March, so I figure as close to the 13th as possible would work best.

I am talking about the skatepark at the Franklin Mills Mall (I had posted pictures of some lines I wanted to try there on a previous post). I went there a little while back and had a great time, though I couldn’t get much practice on certain lines that I was psyched to try because it was quite crowded (and I didn’t have my airfoil rim at the time so I was also a bit concerned about doing big drops).

Did you ride your Coker when you went there? Which ramps did you ride? I was under the impression that I could only ride there during a BMX session… did you ride there during a skateboarding session?

i went during normal hours, no particular session goin on. just some skaters there, and they didnt get in my way, nor i theirs. i rode all over that place on my trials uni; it was the last hurrah for my KH wheelset before i got my arrow/profile setup.

I wish I was sponsored by sometin

I had a blast riding my Coker to the top of the big straight ramp and back down… it’s higher and steeper than the one in NYC. And now that I have an airfoil rim… I’m psyched to attempt riding over the jump with the spine as well as the line I attached a picture of above.

Riding at that park with Brian MacKenzie and the members of SWAT (and whoever else wanted to join us) would be awesome! You know you’d get some amazing pictures for your new sponsor :smiley: !

Oops… the picture is on the “Rolling Trials Competition Results” thread!

I can already see the add in Dirt magazine

:A Picture of one of you guys dooing a huge ass drop:

“An average unicycler puts eight times the weight on a unicycles wheel, then a regular bicycle wheel, an average unicycler also chooses arrow rims.”

I have never used an arrow rim

It feels good to be able to call myself professional.

Re: SWAT Sponsored by Arrow Racing!

On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 21:41:47 -0600, “digitalattrition” wrote:

>:p That is Brian Mackenzie after he fell on a rolling trials line. I
>decided to immortalize him!

Avatars on this site are anything but immortal. Except that I know one
guy on the forum who saves them all.

Good job on the sponsoring!

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