swapping seats

So I got a 28" Sun and it’s great. I love how quickly it accelerates, the ease in maintaining a fast pace, and the way it rolls over anything that gets in it’s way.

But, after only a few miles on it, I find myself looking for a place to sit down; anywhere but on the unicycle seat. I was hoping that I could just switch my modified Torker LX saddle with the Sun one, but not only is the LX seatpost a few millimeters too wide to fit in the neck of the Sun, but the seats have different bolt patterns/dimensions.

What are my options?

I’ve been looking on udc for a better seat (for the Sun), but I don’t have any experience sitting on different seats, and it’s difficult to get a ‘feel’ for the seat from a picture.


Just get a new seatpost.

I think you should get a thompson with a kh rail adapter from udc. They are durable and light and fir the 4 bolt pattern. SO yea good buy

The only problem is they are expensive.

Thanks, but I don’t think I need a top-of-the-line, bombproof seatpost for my commuter, but maybe if I ever move somewhere with mountains and start mUni’ing I’ll consider it.

The Sun and Torker saddles both have a 4 bolt pattern, but the spaces between the bolts on the Sun are smaller than those on the Torker.

you can order a new seat post that will fit a Torker saddle, but make sure its the right diameter.
this one will work for anything, but its a liiittle pricey.

something on this page will do the job though.

The Miyata and Torker LX saddles use the Miyata bolt pattern.
Almost all other saddles use the much more common and universal Schwinn bolt pattern, including the KH seats, Viscount seats, Torker DX seats, Semcycle seats, Sun seats, and others.

Here is a picture at Municycle.com that shows the difference between the Miyata bolt pattern and the standard 4 bolt Schwinn pattern.

The picture of the GB4 universal seat post also shows the difference in the bolt patterns.

There are also a few other seat bolt patterns out there but those seats are not in common use.