SWAP UK 29er Nimbus Muni for Trials/24

I’m looking at swapping my Nimbus Muni 29er for either a 24 street or a trials uni. Not too fussed about frame condition as long as the rest is sound.
Mine is the standard black one, bought from Uni UK at the start of this year, only seen road work and the tyre still has loads of life left. Currently has a custom seat stiffener plate with bar welded on for attaching a bar end and brake, might possibly include a HS33 if required.
Pick up only in North Derbyshire though I’m willing to travel a short distance to make a trade.

(the bar on the seat plate has been cut down, it’s not as long as shown in the pic anymore!)


Too bad you’re in UK, I’m looking for a 29er and I want to sell one of my spare 24" :frowning:

Same here. I want trade my Nimbus 24 muni for a 29 Nimbus muni, but I am in the US. Bye bye fish.

I would gladly trade my QX24 cross for your 29, eventually with some cash on my side of course, but it would need shipping. I live in Italy.