Swap- trials bike for uni? uk only

If you want to go nuts there’s this or one of these.

Hmm, your shop is crazy…they’re selling the 2008 KH for that much more than the 07?

Yes, the Nimbus II is your best bet.

no the us shop is just not offering a very good deal on the kh07’s the uk shop has them quite discounted that’s all. didn’t think of that now did u?

i would get the nimbus 19/20" ISIS trials unicycle. it awesome for the price and will stand up to most things that more expensive things will.

i have it and love it:)

Qu ax unis (the yellow hub versions) are also great and i have oin even if they are a little heavy.

edit- ignore me i thought it was for the whole unicycle but was just the wheel :frowning:

That’s still a time and a half the price we can get it at…and your “discount” is only about 30 dollars cheaper than what UDC US sells it for.
txt…you saw the KH wheelset, didn’t you :roll_eyes:

haha yeah :o it’s well confusing saying blah blah(wheel)blah then showing a picture of a complete uni, suppose must get some suckers like me buying them, ive seen the club freestyle uni is it any use going for that? looks okay but thats all i can comment on as i dont have a a clue as soon as you take a wheel away… http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-Freestyle-CLUB-Unicycle-FREE-Book-FREE-DELIVERY_W0QQitemZ260283048193QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item260283048193&_trkparms=72%3A984|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

The Club is a good beginners uni. You can learn the basics of every style with it. Light Muni, street tricks, trials moves, dont expect to be doing tricks or drops off anything too high. Repeated drops around picnic table height will bend those cranks. It looks pretty nice for freestyle.

So just learning with that, and later on buying a new uni is what a lot of people do, and then you have a backup uni to use, practice freestyle on, or loan to friend to help them learn.

People say the Torker LX is the best biginers uni. I think I put the club higher than the LX.

EDIT: Your background and trials hints that you will excell quickly in riding a unicycle, at least with the jumping. It may be best to go for an 19" ISIS uni, like the Nimbus posted before. Its kinda up to you know though, and if you think youll be wanting to push your abilities pretty fast (Get nimbus ISIS) or if youll casually go along and learn (go Club).

the person supposed to be buying the bike messed me about so if anyone’s interested in a part ex for a uni or just in the bike add me to msn ward_616@hotmail.co.uk

lol defo

OMG! are you still offering??
cos i will definately! i have a qu-ax splined 20" trials uni
email me for pics if ure still interested:)


got a qu-ax splined trials uni for sale mate,

Its advertised on here, has a new kris holm street gel seat, and DMR V8 pedals!

£130, open to offers and willing to post!

this was a year ago