Swap- trials bike for uni? uk only

hey i’ve been wanting to try unicycling for ages and since i have two trials bikes i might as well try and see if theres any interest in my onza t-rex it’s a perfect learners bike and i’m looking for about £275-200 but if theres any interest i don’t mind part exchanging the spec is as follows

T-rex frame 07 -no dents hardly no scratches
sticky finger -tyres lots of tread still
F&R maggy -dead sharp fronts never been bled but the runs a water bleed and a metal tpa, and has an echo fourbolt booster
onza flatbars
guess stem
tuf guy forks
ddg hubs front and rear -with a single speed conversion kit and unbranded tensioner
armstrong crankset and welgo caged pedals

pics on request not sure what uni really just wanna give it ago =]

Too bad this is UK only, I’d be all over this trade with my extra trials wheel. Good luck, I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding someone.

Ive got a nimbus or onza union jack cover saddle and a monty eagle claw that I would trade for you rear magura brake, I can get pics if you want.

onza saddle
nimbus saddle (all black)

i might onsider swapping my
Qu Ax 24" mountain unicycle.
Its a great uni but i prefer riding a smaller wheel

He probably wants a mod 20"

mmm if you want to send it to australia
ill happily swap you my 2007KH 24" muni.
ive hardly used it and its an awesome uni.

Like nimblelight said, he probably wants a trials uni not a 24", especially if hes coming from a trials biking background.

hey, hopefully ol’ rexy should be shifted soon but i’ve been messed around alot with it so if he bails out then i’d definitely want to swap but i’m not too sure what i’m after/need/would suite :stuck_out_tongue:

if the sale goes through though i’ll probably pimp my mod then whatever i have left is going into the uni bank and as i’m a complete noob to not having two wheels i’d want something easy to learn on but good enough to last if i catch on

and as to the 24’s 24" trials bikes make me sick the number is just soo wrong haha would probably consider them if/when the deal falls though on the rexter

Just remember that trials unicycles may cost more than you expect.

There are loads of threads in RSU that you can search for, and they all have plenty of good info(this is subjective), so I won’t even try:p

so do all the sports i seem to pick =/ birthdays coming up soon though so 'rents will hopefully chip in unless they play the “but you just had 100quid” card. but yeah i dont really want to spend more than like 80 quid for a first uni.

at 80 quid you might have a few problems, the cheapest splined trials is £168, and if you go non-splined (actually the quax cross is £152 but that’s very light splined i’m not sure i’d recomend it)

if your coming from trials biking you’ll probably get quite good quickly. where abouts do you live you should come out for a ride! if your round kent this year might be able to lend you a freestyle uni to learn on.

hey i’m a warringtonion, just google mapped it and thats miles away awwrrr thanks anyway but actually i have no idea where kent is im confused :confused: and that would be a very kind thing if you where able to =] same goes to you if you want to try trials and/or motorbiking

edit- not really sure what splined is? i take it’s got to do with the bb, isis and sq taper and all that

Yes mate. Splined in unicycling terms generally means ISIS, although there is the Onza 36(I think) spline hub and the KH 10 spline. Uni’s don’t have a BB though, they have bearings that are held by clamps on the bottoms of the frame legs.

Hmm your a bit far away from me but Dale is up Manchester way. Havent seen or heard of him for quite literally years though so I don’t know if he still rides.

Edit: He has been online a couple of months ago, might be an idea to drop him a line. He might have a spare uni or something. http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/member.php?u=11459

i’d feel dead cheeky asking lol.

http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=1001 would that be any good if i could raise up the money?


haha sort nd sweet… not even as my first?

Just 50 pounds more(yes, I know that’s a lot) for this http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=1004

Nah, thats a 16" wheel mate, absolutely tiny! Its also got square tapered hub and cranks, which would not last very long. You are best off saving and getting a Nimbus ISIS trials. Very good value for money and wouldn’t break after 5 minutes.

You can even customise it for the same price as a stock one.


And 5 pounds more for colors

yeo as said 16" is a bad idea. You want 19" trials. (well like the rear wheel of a mod). And seems like you’re a little a far. Ask dale though you never know being cheeky is good :wink:

The nimbus is good it’s what i was quoting.

and actually that 16" nimbus is isis and it’s a great deal but it’s meant for small children not adults.