Swap 24x3 for 26x3.0

I’ve had a 26x3.0 muni for about 5 months, and ive found even though its very fast on rough terrain and good for commuting, its somewhat hard to do technical sections I can’t roll or natural trials just because the wheel is so big and I’m only 5’8". Plus, as I’ve gotten better I’ve been moving away from straight speed and commuting and more towards technical stuff.

So anyways I’ve got 2 questions:
(1) Will switching from a 26x3.0 wheelset to a 24x3.0 wheelset make it significantly easier to do technical stuff and natural trials? (is it worth switching or are 26 and 24 basically the same)

(2) Is anyone (who wants a bigger wheel) willing to trade me their 24x3.0 for my 26x3.0?
I give you:
-Gazz 26x3.0
-26" Alex dx32 rim
-spokes cut for connecting alex 26" rim to KH hub

You give me:
-Gazz 24x3.0
-24" Alex dx32 rim
-spokes cut for connecting alex 24" rim to KH hub


Re: Swap 24x3 for 26x3.0

A 24x3 will make it easier to do natural trials, it’s a fair bit smaller than the 26x3.

Alternatively as an easier option, you might want to investigate other lighter 26" tyres, like 26x2.6" gazz, or non Gazz wide tyres, the gazz 3.0 is really heavy.


just a thought, but if you want to swap spokes for a 26" and kh hub, for spokes for a 24" and a kh hub, surely it would save 2 wheel dismantlements and 2 builds, to just swap kh hubs aswell?

makes sense to me.


I am really attached to the 3.0 gazz, and don’t really want to change to a thinner tire… Its so bouncy!

Also, Mark thanks for the idea. I guess just exchanging the whole wheelset minus the cranks would be easier than taking everything apart and building it again.

It sounds to me like your problem is rooted in weight. The biggest differance between the 24" and 26" wheels is wieght. The 26x3 gazz is really heavy compared to the 24, and even more so in feel. Since the wieght on a 26 is farther out on the wheel, when you try to stop/start with it, it’s going to make a noticeable affect.

But yes, a 24" will make natural trials easier. Although, a cheaper and yet similar effect option may simply be finding a lighter tire that still have the volume.

Alright Ive just ordered new 24" components through my local bike shop. Hopefully it will work out.