SW uni meet (UK) update

We have a hall ( baring accidents or disaters, please all cross your fingers and keep them crossed). Web page is updated with adress and postcode etc.


SWUM will be on Saturday 21st october 2006 at Riverside Leisure Centre, Exeter.
1pm till 6pm. its a fair sized square hall so we can play hockey AND do workshops or practise at the same time. There is veiwing gallery and a cafe for if you get tired and need a break.

Activities will include Unicycle Hockey, Basketball, a novice muni workshop ride, UUU levels tests, games and cooing at my baby.

See you there

hip hip hoorayyyyyyyyyy for the best unicyclin mummaaaayyy lol cya soon

I’m leaving work early for this for sure. Can’t wait. Thanks so much for everything to do with organizing :slight_smile:


If they’re not I’ve got two pairs of plastic pedals - I’ll bring the spare pair if you remind me :slight_smile:

I’m not into hockey either… I was sort of hoping the muni ride would be during the hockey. I’ll bring my muni anyway just in case.


I am seriously thinking of coming down, but no promises. :slight_smile:

It is a long way.


I really hope not. They’d probably protect the floor, so maybe.

THe problem is that hockey involves close proximity at high speed to other people, generally with all involved parties paying attention to the ball rather than each other. I don’t care if you want to risk your own shins, but it would seem a bit harsh for (semi) innocent passers by to get an incomplete skin graft.

Plastic pedals are cheap. A pedal spanner is a handy thing to have anyway.



If you want to practice/watch: freestyle - games - freestyle - basketball - hockey :smiley: - skills etc. you will enjoy SWUM.

However if you would rather go for a Muni ride and avoid hockey you might prefer a short drive (from your location) to Swinley instead.

The ride along the river is pleasant, but probably not worth the drive alone, there are similar rides available much closer to your location.

We can’t wait to attend and practice freestyle - games - freestyle - basketball - hockey :smiley: - skills etc. and seeing how much the smallest person has grown.


:astonished: …and people call me a pessimist. Lighten up mate - you certainly won’t be the worst freestyle rider there (from what I hear you can ride backwards, one footed, hop up kerbs - all of which make you better than me for a start). For me, the whole point of going to an indoor unimeet is to practise things that I can’t do (everything’s easier in a gym), or at least things that I’m hopeless at. I don’t like hockey, so if there’s a muni ride on offer at the same time I’ll probably go on it, but to be honest I get to do quite a bit of cross-country riding anyway - it’s nice to do something different and give my 20" an outing.
See you there - we can be useless at freestyle together :smiley:


yeah man its funn to watch people fall :smiley:

yeah man its funn to watch people fall :smiley:

No, sorry- but ist a blanket NO METAL petals rule. As john pointed out the pins in most metal pedals are enough to damage shins and even without playing hockey during silly games or workshops there is plenty of potential for shindentations.
People are welcome to bring a metal pedaled muni with them, they just can;t ride it in the hall.

ROUGH timetable

1pm - into hall, set up goals, registration etc.
1.30 warm up and a few games
2-4 hockey in half hall practise space in the other half ( it’s a big hall)
4pm divider is taken out by hall staff
4.15 workshops and 4.30ish rides out
5pm Basketball
5.45- pack up
6pm home time. - pizza hut is accross the road for the ravenous.

As you can see rides out will probadly mean missing basketball.

“The muni ride” will be Chauseys offered muni workshop, AFAIK its aimed at people who are starting muni so working on getting up and down slopes and over obstacles. The riverside path itself is mainly flat
but it leads to some open space with slopes atc so should be fine for a workshop ride.
If any one wants to offer to lead a longer faster ride please say so and I’ll add you to the time table.

If there’s demand for it I could do it (although I don’t know the area at all), but I was sort of hoping I might learn something from Chaucey’s workshop - I’m pretty quick cross-country on the right terrain but I’m not a technically brilliant rider by any means.


Being such a rubbish rider incapable of anything I’ll be doing more watching that taking-part-in, I’ll probably be standing on a chair in the corner of the hall or standing in the viewing gallery filming stuff.[/QUOTE]

Sorry Gavin but this made me laugh and laugh. If you’re a rubbish rider, what oh what does that make me??? Doesn’t stop me getting in everyone’s way in the hockey though. And I even detected a slight improvement since last time.


Fair enough. TO be honest it was mainly an excuse for a rant at all those who use metal pedals for hockey. I’m safe either way - I’m not going, it’s a bit far. In fact, what am I doing in this thread?


Hi everyone. Me and the indestructable Tom can’t make it this time. We will all be camping in Yorkshire for half-term (nice and toasty with lots of sunshine - Not). Anyway, enjoy and catch you later.

Looking forward to it as always, thankyou so much for organizing it they are always absolutly briliant! :wink:

is any one from calstock club able to bring the SWUm hockey goals with them? pretty please…

yep no problem we are bringing them along :wink:

thankyou very much for letting us borrow them

don’t forget it’s at a new venue

Indeed, thanks for the reminder nick.
Its at
Riverside leisure centre just by Exe Bridges almost in the middle of exeter.
If your coming from out of town by train, get off at St Davids and ride along teh riverside path towards teh Quay, get off just after exe Bridges, ride along shooting Marsh Stile, then cross teh road at teh traffic lights and come into the leisure centre. Of From Exeter Central station ride down hill to teh river, cross by a bridge then turn Left and continue on teh riverside path to Shooting Marsh Stile.
If coming by car, follow signs for the city centre, then for St Thomas (cowick st) then the Leisure centre. Oh, and check
www.uk.unicyclist/swum.html for a post code to get your on line map of choice.
If you come by Bus… the E, F1, F2, B, and P all stop nearby and in the High St.
See you there