SW UK unicycle hockey tornament Jan 3rd 2009

SWUM are hosting a unicycle hockey tournament on Jan 3rd 2009, at Riverside Leisure centre in Exeter. This will be part of the UUU hockey league.

We have space for up to 9 teams in a round robin competition - LOTS of games for each team- on two courts.
Teams entered so far
Severn Wheelers

Teams that have expressed an interest but not confirmed
Southampton Penguins

More info on the day is on the SWUM website at

Hi Sarah, yes we’ll definitley bring a team.

Dan - Southampton Penguins

and the LUnis will be there too!

If I can get enough people to ride in my village by then can I join??

Are there any teams near the west middleands because if there are i would like to enter but i don’t no any unicycleists neare here. If there are any teems i would love to enter.

Even if you can’t find a whole team you can come and join in. Drop me n e-mail to the address on the SWUM web site and I can put you name down for scratch team.

Update on registered teams

Severn Wheelers

Probably* also
(* as in not had money from but expecting them)
Lunis part 2
Severn Wheelers part 2

still room for a scratch team… let me know if you want to be in it.

Wow. I’d love to be able to just ride around with some other unicyclists! I can’t imagine living some place were there are enough unicyclists around to form even one hockey team; let alone an entire tournament! That is awesome! … back to riding by myself…

stockton are now called j.u.s.t / just
but im not in charge so

Sorry for not paying - forgot we had to! Having a job seems to screw my memory up completely! The guys from Soton will pay on the day if that’s ok? Hope you all have fun!

If your coming to this tourny and are able to bring a pair of goals with you… could you please. I have screwed up on goals and only have one set sorted but two pitches to play on.
At this stage even smaller than regulation goals would be better than none.
If you will be coming past Stevenage… there is a set there you may be able to pick up, but I’m not sure any body will be coming from that far east.

There will be a scratch team and SWUM are a little short of players so people are welcome to come along with out a team, you will get games.

See you Saturday.

Thank you to all teh teams who turned out to have goals in accessible places. SEvern Wheelers and Sheffield have both said they will bring theirs so we’ll see a - who remembers to put them in the car, and b - which are closest to the size of the SWUM goals, then use those, the other set can go up on balcony for a bit of little kids hockey.

We have use of teh big balcony for warm up/ practise space , so long as no one else books it for something ( paying customer, unlike us who get it for free if its free) As of 2pm today it was avalible.

See you all there at 11am ish , we will start play as early as possible to get as many games as possible. Realisticish - 11.30am start of games.

The following teams have still to pay on the day.
Southampton, Lunis B , Severn Wheelers B, Scratch.

starts 11am now?

Website says midday i think, just saying in case a few teams need to be advised of this.

Looking forward to it,


Website does indeed say midday. I checked it a couple of days ago, when we were working out what time we would need to leave…

www.uk.unicyclist.com/swum.html does indeed say 11.

However, I accept the fine detail page does also say 12. Sorry, I REALLY do need to learnm to proof read properly one day.
We have the hall 11-6.
Tournament Play was planned to start at 11.40 and end at 5.20, its not a big deal if it starts at 12 and ends at 5.40.

Games will have 20 minute slots, 15 min straight through and a 5 min turn round. Games on both pitches start at the same time.

IF there are enough teams there by 11.40 we will start then, if not we go at 12.

Thanks to Sarah and the rest of SWUM for an awesome tournament yesterday. A great start to the season.

Results below, and on the UUU website when I’ve figured out how to upload them to the shiny new site.


SWUM Results.bmp (198 KB)

Thank you all for coming, thank you all for keeping to time!
I was knaclered by the end of all those games, really showed how un fit I am.

See you all at BUC

or may be at Southampton 1st.

Woo Luni’s B Scratch beat a league team! woo.