SW UK Uni meet- appeal for 1st aider

We are nearly sorted with a new hall in Exeter for the Uni meet on October 21st. BUT we need a named 1st aider for the afternoon to satify the hall rules. IS there any one who is a 1st aider at work or has a public 1st aid certificate willing to be the designated 1st aider on Oct 21st?
If you can help out on this - AND OR are willing to run a workshop, game or warmup please reply.

Sarah Miller
South West Unicycle Meets

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sorry, wish I could help.

Could you get someone from the Red Cross or who ever teaches Firts Aid in your part of the world to come in return for teaching them how to unicycle?



I’m in the UK for the whole year and would love to run a MUNI Workshop. Only problem is I don’t have a uni in England with me. However, if someone could lend me one…

Also, I have my first Aid, although my certification is Canadian and may not be valid here.


My first aid has run out now, sorry. Happy to do a basketball workshop and a couple of games.

Sean , not sure what a muni workshop would involve but you are welcome to borrow my 24x3 or trials uni.

I can sort you out with a local map! there is a largeish open space ( grass, slopes, gravel tracks etc) nearby and some bridle ways that are legal for riding ( but may be VERY muddy in October).
Thanks Chauncy, I’ll put you in the programe.
Re 1st aid, I have some one with a Uk cert to e named 1st aider but its good to know you have thetraining if you are doing a uni workshop that would take you off site.

I would love to borrow your 24 if that would be okay. As to what it the workshop would involve I was thinking Starting with basics like kicking over obstacles, dropping and clearing into transition, and mounting on slopes. Then I figured we’d finish up with a ride. Basically the whole thing is a ride.


sorry I don’t have a first aid certificate but can i just say that i can’t wait for the swum in october!