SV: Unicon 12 - Tokyo 2004

Hi all of you

Thanks for a great UNICON!!

I just got my stitches removed from my face today, so no more bragging =
my crash in Trials… Christian from Germany took a picture right at =
moment of impact. You ca see it at the front of

My lips are in good shape again, and I got no other permanent damage, so =
am lucky, and are back jumping logs on my trials this weekend.

If anyone got some pictures of me getting strapped down or in the =
afterward, I am interested in a copy!

Next year in week 29, 2005, there will bee a weekend in Denmark with a =
of trials, Muni, uphill and other fun stuff. There will soon be more =
just book the date already now.

See you all in Switzerland

Lars Lottrup
DNT - Danish National Team

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Sendt: 3. august 2004 21:25
Emne: Unicon 12 - Tokyo 2004

Unicon 12, I just got home from unicon after 20 hours traveling
yeasterday, then an over night stop and another 4.5 hours on the road
today. So this is rather a first response hread. Please post here you=20
Unicon High, Low, love, hate,saw, heard, won, lost list.=20

for me- Sarah (the taller sarah from the Uk team)=20

High- Seeing the hockey court for the first time and seeing that it was
Good. Then seeing Mr Matsuada’s face as he ralised that the unicyclists
liked where he had found for us to play hockey, his smile was SOOOO big
it dwarfed him.=20

Low- Not being able to ride as fast as I wanted too on the marathon
because of the HOT damp head wind we were riding into.=20

Love- Simon Wells’s free style routine in the expert mens class. It was
original and VERY different from any thing we had seen all day.
( except the costume change idea , which we had seen about 40 million
times already, but Simon did it BETER) . The only routine to get a
partial standing ovation.

Hate- not being allowed to unicycle on the NYC campus, so there was very
little social hanging about with unis in the evening.=20

Saw- the small basketball players on one of the Japan teams standup=20
gliding to get extra hight for a shot.=20

Heard- Lars head hitting the pallet stack with a horrible crunch.=20

Won- a clutch of certificates and a few silver and bronze medals, I am=20
lucky to be in an age roup where not many people do MY events:-)

Lost- Our Cool tool, last seen in the basket ball gym… if any one has
it can I have it back please.

sarah.miller - unicycist

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Painful picture. That should go in gallery of funny pictures.


Ps. Sorry if I offended you.

Re: SV: Unicon 12 - Tokyo 2004

Ouch! That’s bad, but glad you’re recovering.

Question on the picture: where is your unicycle?

Much like my faceplant, I’m guessing it’s fallen snugly away behind the spool somewhere? In the case of my fall (there is a frame from the video in my galleries somewhere) the uni fell safely into a stack of two truck tyres.

That does look awefully painful…I hope it wasn’t as bad as it looks. Thanks for sharing the photo!


It looked pretty nasty from where I was sitting :astonished: . That’s why we stuck a neck brace on you! Glad you’re OK with all your teeth intact :smiley:


I have to admit, that was the worst fall I have ever seen. I was sitting down taking a break, really close to the accident, watching Lars do that big line. When he tumbled off that small platform on the spool and smacked his head on the pallets, I thought surely he was going to be in critical condition.

That definitely shook me up a bit, but I felt a lot better when I greeted him later after he came back from a quick trip to the hospital. It still amazes me that he merely got a couple of bad cuts on his face, with a spectacular fall like that.

Happy healing Lars!


p.s. Unicon was absolutely awesome!

so THAT’s why people wear helmets! Hey, I see Gizmoduck in the background