Suzue Hub Width

Hey folks I’m wondering if anyone knows if the Suzue hubs will fit in the new Eclipse frames?

If not what’s the ideal freestyle frame for that hub.


If the bearing spacing is correct they will still need shims to convert the diameter of the bearings from 40 to 42mm. The eclipse and any other frame designed for isis (anything nimbus) uses a 42mm bearing. Cotterless hubs use 40mm. Fitting one bearing size in a frame designed for the other can easily trash the bearing. Unfortunately UDC US dont appear to sell these shims at the moment.

If you are planning on going all out for a high end freestyle frame, why not a hub and crank swap as well. For about the same money as an eclipse, you could get a lower end but still very nice nimbus X or 2 frame, standard isis hub and qu ax lightweight or nimbus 1 cranks.

If you do want a new frame for the hub, the eclipse is probably the best frame available with a 90mm centre to centre (so ~80mm inside to inside of the bearing) bearing spacing. For a 100mm centre to centre (90mm inside) you would want the equinox which uses the more common spacing.

Easy answer to why not a hub and crank swap: the aluminum Nimbus hub is fragile, while the steel Suzue is extremely solid.

You might want to contact Darren Bedford, who tends to keep back stock of old frames. I don’t think any of the currently available 20" frames will fit a hub with 90mm bearing spacing and 40mm OD bearings. But yes, you could use the Eclipse with bearing shims.

I have a Suzue hub in a Nimbus 29er frame, so I would say that the spacing is 100mm. I didn’t have to make any modifications outside of fitting shims on the bearings to fit the 42mm holders.

FWIW I made the shims out of sheetmetal that is about 1mm thick. I don’t know off hand what the gauge is, but I think it’s about 20 gauge. I just cut a couple of strips with tin snips, and rolled them by hand into a circle. They work as well as the ones I purchased from UDC.

Awesome thanks Tom, that was my big question, is it 90 mm (I read somewhere that it was 92, but it’s been years since I’ve read these forums).

My second question was the OD of the bearings which being 40 mm means I’ve gotta drink some beer, not a problem.

Thanks guys, this thread can now die.

It might be 92mm, but frankly, our frame tolerances probably aren’t much better than 2mm at the bearing holders. I just measured mine and it came out to almost exactly 90mm center-to-center. I actually have it in a Nimbus 1 steel long-neck frame, which started as 100mm, that I cold-set to fit the hub.

Just FYI, standard “delivered” thickness of U.S. 20 ga steel is .0359", which is pretty close to 1mm (.03937"). (European sizes will be different from this.)