suzue hub question

is the suzue hub worth the money?

compaired to what?

For freestyle and any other use where your not hard on the cranks and axle yes. And I would say yes its worth it for Trials and Muni to. But it is an entery level part for Muni and Trials. Its not ment to take that kind of abues. So it will eventually fail if your riding hard enough.

So far mine has held up to some hard trials but I’ve been careful and limit my drops to 3 feet.



thats what i wanted to hear . Because i orderd a bedford muni/ uni and i thought it came with a suzue but apparently not. so now im ordering one some time this week, thc chx

If you make sure that your cranks are secured tightly on your suzue, you will get alot more life out of it and your cranks. If your cranks get loose, dont ride your uni untill you tighten them, or else you will round them out. A good combination for your suzue is a pair of BE’s or if you can afford it kookas.


Whats wrong with the bedford hub?

Darren reccomends the suzue upgrade depending on rider size and intended uni usage.

Since the Suzue is far stronger than what it should be for the price, I think it is worth the money.


the bedford hub had the same results as when i stripped my normal one off my old norco.