Suzue Hub (Free) 92mm, 36H, 40mm bearings, Square Taper

I was the happy recipient of a free Surly Large Marge rim earlier this year.

This is my attempt to (somewhat) pay the gesture forward.

Is anyone in need of a 92mm Suzue hub from Japan, with 40mm bearings, and 36 spoke holes?

If so, let me know, and I will ship it to you. Recipient pays shipping over $20. I will cover the shipping up to $20.


Hi Uni2ONE2, this would be lovely in my daughter’s 20" Would you ship to the UK?

Yes. Please PM the address to me.

Thank you! Message sent

good show!

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The hub is on its way!

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Fantastic! We are looking forward to it and I’ll be sure to post pictures of our progress with the new set-up. I love this community :heart_eyes:

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It’s here! I was a bit worried as the tracking said it was delivered literally one hour after we’d left to visit family for a couple of days before Christmas but luckily it’s a nice neighborhood and three days later it was here duly waiting on my front step. The wheel rebuild can begin after the festivities. I did have some new spokes which I’d planned to put in the old wheel after cleaning the rusty old hub but with the large flanges on this one I’ll have find some shorter ones. Thanks Uni2ONE2 and Merry Christmas all

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Merry Christmas!

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