has any one ever converted a set of b*ke suspention forks for a unicycle i was in the local bike shop getting stuff for my trials unicycle i look at the forks on the wall and was thinking how easy it would be to convert them.i think if you bought 4 bolt + nut and housing sets for the nimbus 2 from unicycle and weld them some how to the bottem of the forks to make a nimbus style housing any one done it

There have been many attempts at building suspension unicycles, with various degrees of success…this one comes to mind…


What you described is amost identical to the Rock Shox Uni

Bedford has some pics of a Suspension Yuni Frame but the caption says it doesn’t work. (Is it a real suspension uni or just a rubber boot over a the frame?)

A quick RSU search finds some success with Seat Post Shocks.

I rode a seat post suspension uni at UNICON. It was a mountain uni owned by one of the Japanese team. I only rode across the practice gym, I found myself really “bouncing” on the seat with every pedal stroke. The guy who had it liked it, I’m sure the bouncyness would lessen with technique.

Why do so many people want to build unicycles with suspension? It doesn’t help too much to have suspension.

when jumping you don’t land with you butt you land w/ your feet so that uni w/suspension wouldn’t be all that good

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